Drake To Produce Quibi's '48 Laws of Power'

In case you missed it, Drake is executive producing a new show called ‘48 Laws of Power.’

Along with Future Nur, Dreamcrew’s Jason Shrier, Anonymous Content’s Zack Hayden, and author Robert Greene, the Chicago Freestyle hitmaker is going into business with new streaming service Quibi

This follows the Canadian rapper’s successful revival of British crime drama ‘Top Boy’ for Netflix.

Hip-hop Fave

According to Highsnobiety, ‘48 Laws of Power’ will be loosely based on Robert Greene’s NYT bestseller of the same title.

“I have always thought that ‘48 Laws of Power’ would be a perfect fit for a series, bringing to life the timeless Machiavellian game of power as portrayed in my book,” remembered Greene. “But it was not until Drake and Future with Anonymous Content approached me with their unique cinematic approach to the laws that I knew I could join forces with them and go all in for a filmed interpretation of my work.”

First released in 1998, the book has been a favorite among the hip-hop community, with references in songs by Kanye West, Jay-Z, and of course, Drake.

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Aside from stepping up as executive producer for the Quibi adaptation, Drake will be directing an episode of the series, as well.

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“When Drake and I sat down with Robert, it was incredibly inspiring,” Nur told Hollywood Reporter. “The laws allow for a wide range of dynamic storytelling, and Quibi allows us to tell these stories in bite-sized chapters similar to the book.”

Rough Start for Quibi

Against all odds, Quibi rolled out its mobile-only streaming service on April 6, weeks before the coronavirus pandemic locked the majority of the country in their homes.

Quibi reportedly had more than 1 million subscribers at the end of May, and was en route to hit about 2 million paying subs by the end of the year. These may be impressive numbers, but its easy below the app’s target of 7.4 million paying subscribers in its first year of operations.

Founder Jeffrey Katzenberg blamed the health crisis for “everything that has gone wrong” with Quibi’s terrible start.

But then, who knows? Drake and his discussion of the intricacies of power may just be all the platform needs to turn things around soon enough.

August 24, 2020




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