Liverpool Lifts Premier League Trophy For First Time In 30 years

Thirty years of heartbreaks, close calls, and a slew of mid-table finishes have led to this historic moment: Liverpool lifting the Premier League trophy as fireworks painted the sky red at Anfield.

The team’s 5-3 win over Chelsea was an entertaining end to the saga, albeit 100% unnecessary since Liverpool had clinched the title with seven games to spare.

Still, the fact that they made it 59 home games without defeat could have only sweetened an already-marvelous treat.

Symbolic Turnover

According to BBC, captain Jordan Henderson received the coveted silverware from the legendary Sir Kenny Daglish, who was team manager when Liverpool last lifted the trophy in 1990.

Daglish, who bagged 172 goals in over 500 appearances as a Liverpool star from 1977 to 1990, had the utmost pride and honor of distributing medals in a ceremony highlighted by pyrotechnics and light exhibitions.

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In many ways, this moment was reminiscent of the triumphant scenes that were all-too-familiar at Anfield between the ‘70s and the ‘80s.

At the same time, this was not the monstrous celebration Liverpool and their fans wanted or deserved, thanks in no small part to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. No supporters were allowed into the 53,000-seat Anfield home due to quarantine restrictions, and fans were advised to join in on the celebrations from the comfort and safety of their homes.

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Reds boss Jurgen Klopp could only promise that the momentous celebration will not end today.

“You made us happy, we all should celebrate at home,” he told Sky Sports, wearing a smile that didn’t look like it could fade in a matter of days. “Prepare for a party and when this virus has gone we will have a party.”

Still, all the reminders proved insufficient for the legion of fans who gathered outside the stadium, prompting Merseyside authorities to roll out dispersal zones in an otherwise jubilant day.

The Anthem, ‘You’ll Never walk Alone’ echoed all around as the champions trooped out of their home as the smoke cleared, in a glorious rush that not even coronavirus can take away from them.

It was a victory 30 years in the making. Today belongs to Liverpool.

July 23, 2020




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