Marcus Rashford a Symbol of Unity in a Period Marked by Divisiveness

Marcus Rashford receives nationwide praise after the government makes a U-turn.

As economic conditions and social strife face the nation amidst the public health pandemic, celebrities are voicing their opinions on various issues. Marcus Rashford went ahead and used his platform to cause action - an effort that has brought about change. Rashford led a spirited campaign to have the government issue free school meal supermarket vouchers to kids during this summer holiday. 

It is uncommon for leading sports personalities in the United Kingdom to influence political events or policy. The sportsman helped FareShare charity raise £20m in their supply of children meals during the pandemic. He also shared an emotional open letter to the prime minister recalling how the free school meals helped him as a boy. The effort preceded the decision by Prime Minister Boris Johnson to reverse their earlier intention to block Labour’s proposition. 

The Manchester United star and other anti-poverty campaigners hailed the decision. However, concerns emerge from an increased number of families forced to rely on food banks this summer even with the vouchers in place. 
Labor leader, Keir Starmer, welcomed the reversal by Boris Johnson, pointing out how it might save 1.3 million children from going hungry during summer. He gave Marcus Rashford and all others who advocated for the program acknowledgment for their efforts.

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The free meals program will benefit millions of children directly due to the action and selflessness of Marcus in making a positive contribution to society. Simple accolades as Sports Personality of the year dwarf the impact of personality and status derived from being a good human being. He is undoubtedly a prolific sportsperson across the globe that has encouraged many others to use their influence for noble causes. Overcome with joy over their success, Rashford took to Twitter “I don’t even know what to say.”

The Manchester United Foundation has committed over a million pounds to assist in COVID-19 relief efforts, where £100,000 will support the local food banks and £300,000 allocated to local partner schools.

June 18, 2020




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