Muhammad Ali’s Son Thinks Dad Would Have Shunned Black Lives Matter

Muhammad Ali Jr, the son of boxing legend Muhammad Ali, gave an hour-long interview to the New York Post on the George Floyd protests. He called the protests "racist", and argued that his father would have distanced himself from the Black Lives Matter movement. 

Ali's son believes his father would have embraced ‘all lives matter’ instead.

He believes his father would support Donald Trump had he been alive. 

All Lives Matter

The 26-year old is the sole biological son of the legendary boxer. During the latter part of his father's life, their relationship hit the rocks. Ali Jr. clarified that "all lives matter" means black, white, Chinese... everyone. "God loves everyone" he continued. "Killing is wrong, no matter who does it."

Ali Jr. expressed his displeasure on the destruction and violence associated with the protests.  

He intimated that the Black Lives Matter protests have links to trouble-making groups. "Antifa never wanted it peaceful," he said. According to him, the slogan Black Lives Matter is a “racial statement" that "pits black people against everyone else".

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Laila Ali, who is a retired boxer and the most renowned of their father's children, said "All lives matter" in 2016. Speaking to KTLA on Wednesday, she expressed her "shame" that Black Americans still fight similar issues her parents struggled against. However, they will keep going until they achieve “equality for black people and all people.”
Muhammad Ali was an activist member of the Nation of Islam. He succumbed to Parkinson's disease in 2016, aged 74.

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June 23, 2020




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