NBA: To Return or Not To Return, That is the Question.

Last week, the NBA announced it would be returning in July. But there have been rising concerns over issues like the safety of players and staff, financial risks, and nationwide #BLM protests.

Last month, superstar players including Lebron James and Kevin Durant discussed the possible return of the NBA over a Zoom Call. A united front was reportedly formed that has, since, raised concerns over the safe returning of the beloved sport. 

According to Yahoo Sports, some players are concerned about the financial risks of losing a season. Their major argument is losing a season could result in a renegotiation of the CBA where the players would not have much leverage.

One ESPN report stated that players were concerned with the absence of visitors as it could directly affect their performance as a whole. 

Another Yahoo Sports report stated that a 'significant' number of players were not happy regarding their lack of representation and voting rights in the decision-making of the NBA as an organization. 

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Some players are concerned that the return of the NBA would divert the attention of the American public away from the George Floyd protests. 

Malcolm Brogdon proposed on The JJ Redick Podcast that players sit out for the rest of the season as their protest against racial injustice. 

NBC Sports’ Tom Haberstroh stated that, according to a Disney official, the staff members were not subject to the Disney World “bubble” protocol. 

Later, The Athletic’s Shams Charania clarified that there would be extra protocols for staff members who could enter the “bubble”. 

With so much disagreement and confusion, it is unclear whether the NBA will return in two months’ time or if it will return at all. 

June 16, 2020




Subani Moktan


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