There are so many reasons why 2020 is going to be seared in the collective consciousness of almost everyone on earth! And it’s nowhere near done yet.

Let’s not forget that we have a US presidential election a mere two and a half months away.

While I watch from a distance at how calamitous things are turning out over there, I’m salivating at the thought of watching Trump and Joe square off for America’s soul (it kinda feels like that).

And just like 2016, the Republican Party, spearheaded by Trump, have asked one of their more famous supporters to come speak on the final night of their five-day not Antonio Sabato Jr or Dean Cain, but UFC President Dana White.

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The Subtle Art...

There’s a subtle art that few have really mastered.

I’m talking about the majestic practice of “Not Giving A F$ck”

NGAF isn’t easy! Especially in today’s polarizing and ever-changing climate.

And it’s even harder still when you’re the public face of a world recognized brand like the UFC.

The UFC is the biggest and most successful MMA fight promotion on this planet, valued at over US$4 billion and pegging White’s net worth at over US$500 million. Not bad for a fight manager from Connecticut!

White has a lot to lose by associating with someone perceived by many as toxic and evil.

In full DGAF mode, speaking recently to the media in anticipation of his political appearance, White stated unequivocally that he still supports the President and does care one iota what people think.

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White on Supporting Trump

"That s--t doesn’t bother me. Listen, this is America. Everybody has their own opinions and their own choices. I know that sometimes people go after you because of whatever, but everybody knows me."

 Pretty gutsy I have to admit, in today’s climate. And I gotta salute him for it!

The people that know me know who I am and know what I’m about. Other than that, I (couldn’t) care less. There’s tons of guys that hate Trump, whether it’s celebrities or whatever, and I’m cool with all of them. We’re all cool," he continued.

You won’t find a harsher opponent to ‘cancel culture’ than your humble author. As long as what supposed perpetrators are doing is legal and not hurting anyone, go nuts!!

I went back and watched White’s first speech at the 2016 RNC Convention and he was and is a gifted public speaker. He projects confidence, and speaks with a rhythmic cadence. He did the same in Feb of this year at a Trump rally in Denver Colorado so it’s no surprise that Republicans wanted him back.

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Early Days 

White credits Trump for getting the UFC off the ground back in 2001. When no other big venues would cater for a ‘blood sport’ as they called it, Trump stepped in and hosted the event in Atlantic City. The pair have been close ever since.

White has mentioned many times that he will never say anything negative about Trump, regardless of the pressure to do so.

And there is pressure.

A lot of dollars, and a lot of opinions that can lead to financial disaster for some companies.

But bowing to financial pressure is not something White is prepared to do – unlike the NBA.

Perhaps the UFC’s senior management wished that White wasn’t so political and just ran the UFC. But that’s not Dana! Especially when asked about Trump.

But will it be enough this time around? We’ll have to wait and see.

The US Presidential Election will be held Nov 3rd 2020.

August 28, 2020




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