Weekly NBA Wrap: 24 September 2020

What a big week in the NBA! 

The MVP was announced, we had a buzzer-beater in the conference finals and the Chicago Bulls hired their new head coach. These stories and so much more to get through in your Weekly NBA Wrap.

He Yelled “Kobe”

One of the biggest moments in the playoffs came in game two between the Denver Nuggets and the LA Lakers. Nikola Jokic single handedly brought the Nuggets back in the game - he scored 11 straight points to give the Nuggets a one-point lead with a fraction over two seconds left in the game. 

Enter Anthony Davis. 

Off the inbound pass from Rajon Rondo, Davis nailed a three-pointer (and broke the hearts of Denver fans) to give the Lakers a 2-0 series lead. In honour of the late Kobe Bryant, Davis confirmed that he yelled “Kobe” when he took the shot.

It marks the fourth memorable buzzer-beater from the bubble. OG Anunoby, Devin Booker and Luka Doncic each had their special moment in the bubble. Which buzzer beater was the best?

Jamal Is Balling

After the heartbreak of game two, the Denver Nuggets responded like a team with something to prove. In true Nuggets style (in the bubble anyway), they controlled game three for the majority of the game. The Lakers came back from 20 points down to get within four with two mins left. Then it became the Jamal Murray show.

Murray ended the game with a stat line of 28 points, 12 assists and 8 rebounds. Oh yeh, he also hit some clutch buckets in the last two minutes. None bigger than this deep three with less than one minute left. 

Murray is now a bonafide NBA star!

Giannis Beats Lebron...Twice

The NBA announced Giannis Antetokounmpo as the winner of the MVP award. He was the favourite to take home the award given his standout year - he averaged 29.6 rebounds, 13.6 rebounds and 5.6 assists per game to help the Bucks to the best regular season record this year.

As expected, it was a two man race in the voting.

Lebron James received 16 out of 101 first place votes. Not a bad effort, but Lebron wasn’t too happy. In fact he was “pissed off”. 

Unfortunately for Lebron, he took another hit when it was announced Giannis broke the record for the most expensive basketball card. A record that Lebron achieved earlier this year.

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Kanter Wrestles Smart

The Boston Celtics haven't had the easiest series against the Miami Heat and it  reportedly led to a bit of tension in the locker room. To make light of the issue, Ened Kanter of the Celtics posted a video of him wrestling with Marcus Smart near the pool - the caption reading “We couldn't settle the fight in the locker room so we took it out to the pool”. Classic Kanter post.

But seriously, this looks like an injury waiting to happen!

From OKC To Chicago

It was a shock in the NBA world when OKC coach Billy Donovan was shown the door at the end of the season. He took a team that was predicted to finish towards the bottom of the western conference into the playoffs. Coming as no shock, Donovan didn’t stay jobless for long with the Chicago Bulls this week snapping up the signature of Donovan as head coach.

He has an exciting young team to develop but the key question is how he will get the most out of the bulls players? Here is one option:

September 24, 2020




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