What Kanye Said on the Joe Rogan Experience

It finally happened. Kanye West appeared on The Joe Rogan Experience, and as expected, it broke the internet, debuting at #8 on the Apple Podcasts US chart.

West, or Yeezy, is a Presidential hopeful, having qualified for ballot access in 12 states. In the 3-hour long conversation, he revealed why wants to not only be the President of the United States, but also…”the Leader of the Free World”. 

While much of what the iconic rapper said sounded great in theory but would likely not work in practice - kind of like socialism, his take on matters was endearing, and if nothing else, entertaining - offering a glimpse into the mind of one of today’s most prolific creators.

Here are some of our favorite one liners from the conversation.

       1. “I believe my calling is to be the leader of the free world.”


  1. “Michael Jackson not waking up one day, Prince not waking up one day, Bruce and Brandon Lee, Bob Marley… all of these things have crossed my mind.”

             Ye lets us in on his paranoia. 

  1. “I asked God to stop feeling pain, and he took my mom away - after that, nothing is painful anymore.”
  1. “I don’t fear anything but God”.
  1. “People at MIT are working on things that are too small.”

            Ye eluded to the fact that most people, not just at MIT, are working on inconsequential things because they are a slave to the paycheck, and averse to thinking bigger and taking risks.

  1. “I am building a monastery that will then be the future of monasteries, like full sustainable energy.

            Cool, bro.

  1. “I’m gonna listen to kids before I listen to super programmed-out adults, and especially if that adult hasn’t done something that I am looking to do.”


  1. “When you un-program yourself you see there’s other forms of currency.”
  1. “God is using me, and he has a calling in my life, to make the world better for all people.”
  1. “We were taught that. My first superhero was Superman. My Dad was a Black Panther, but when Disney makes Black Panther now, you don’t see my Dad protecting his neighborhood… you see this character that’s made for black people to idolize that was designed by a white person. And put out by a white company.”
  1. “Racism doesn’t end till we get to a point where we stop having to put the word black in front of it. Because it’s like we’re putting the rim a little lower for ourselves.”

            This is refreshing in a world where we are increasingly putting the spotlight on people’s observable differences, and a throwback to MLK’s “judge not by the color of one’s skin, but by the content of one’s character”. 

  1. “I think very 3-dimensionally. I don’t think in the black and white lines I’ve been programmed to think in. And I think in full color, so when I talk I have to describe a thought in 5 ways”
  1. In reference to medications: “It blocked my ability to channel what God wanted me to do.”
  1. “It feels like Twitter is the safest, freest mass platform to communicate on.”
  1. Plan B and Planned Parenthood were planned by a eugenics that set out and said out loud I’m doing this to kill the black race and to create population control.”
  1. “Let me just go on this riff. My thoughts are like these clouds in Mario Brothers and I’ll jump to this and I’ll see another one, and I’ll jump to another one, and oh yes, I’ll jump to another. I need to express this story.”
  1. “We’re not maximizing our resources in our existence. We’ve got genius level scientists, we got people who grow, you know, people who’ve broken out of the chains.’

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Watch the full episode below.

October 26, 2020




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