Aussie Puts UFC Light-Heavyweight Division on Notice

Aussie wins UFC “Performance of the Night” bonus on Fight Island and just put the whole division on Notice.

The BATMAN Covid 19 Delays

2020 keeps delivering!! The movie going world was absolutely floored by the David Fincheresque look and feel of the new BATMAN trailer that premiered at DC Fandome in late August. We also learned from the filmmakers that only 25% of the film had been shot on the London based set and a very precarious release date appeared at the end of the trailer reading ?0?1. No doubt just a bit of fun regarding the fact that this COVID Virus assures that NO EVENT IS SET IN STONE. 

The UFC owes its business model to the WWE

The UFC owes a lot to the trailblazing and visionary Vincent Kennedy Mchamon the founder and CEO of the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) and I’ll tell you why. Formed in 1993, the UFC has come a long way, becoming the most dominant MMA promotion in the game. Ted Turner (owner of the TNT cable station in the U.S) once called McMahon shortly after purchasing a rival wrestling promotion (WCW) to let him know he was getting into the pro wrestling business, to which McMahom replied “That’s great Ted, but I’m in the entertainment business”