Episode #390: Daniel Cannizzaro talks Australian Fintech, Parpera

In this episode of Future Squared, founder of Aussie fintech Parpera, shares his journey from Melbourne's northwestern suburbs to EY and London Business School, before founding up and coming fintech, Parpera.

Episode #389: The Low Touch Economy with Nick De Mey

Nick De Mey is founding partner of Board of Innovation, a Strategy & Business Design firm for corporates.

Episode #388: From Journalist to Poker Champion with Maria Konnikova

Maria is the author of two New York Times best-sellers, The Confidence Game (Viking/Penguin 2016), winner of the 2016 Robert P. Balles Prize in Critical Thinking, and Mastermind: How to Think Like Sherlock Holmes (Viking/Penguin, 2013), an Anthony and Agatha Award finalist.

Episode #387: Fighting Fear with Big Wave Surfer, Mark Mathews

Surfer, Red Bull Athlete and Keynote Speaker. Mark Mathews is a professional big wave surfer who has made a living surfing waves up to 50 feet big.

Episode #386: An interview with my mother, Miljana Glaveska

Immigrant, Fighter and Survivor. In this episode of Future Squared, I interview my now 69-year-old mom, Miljana Glaveska.

Episode #384: Tony Nash on Building a 9-Figure Online Business - Part One

Tony Nash is co-founder and CEO of Booktopia, which employs 260 people, generates over $170M and sells one item every six seconds.

Episode #385: Detoxification with Stefan Filippo

Stemming from chronic illness, health coach Stefan Filippo has made it his mission to learn about how the human body functions with the aim of improving his own health as well as educating and empowering others to evolve into their best self.

Episode #338: Live an Optimised Life with Steve Brophy

Steve Brophy is a passionate and innovative educator with 17 years of experience both locally and internationally in K-12 schools. In his role as the Director of ICT & eLearning at Ivanhoe Grammar School, Steve is responsible for overseeing the digital strategy and development of the school. Steve was recipient of the 2017 Digital Learning and Teaching Victoria (DLTV) Outstanding Leader of the year award. He is the co-host of the TeachTechPlay web-show, organiser of the TeachTechPlay conference and co-host of the Design and Play podcast.

Episode #333 Tom Ziglar on Transforming Your Life, One Simple Choice at a Time

Tom Ziglar is the proud son of Zig Ziglar and the CEO of Ziglar, Inc. He joined the Zig Ziglar Corporation in 1987 and climbed from working in the warehouse, to sales, to management, and then on to leadership.

Episode #327: Beware of Digital Agencies Selling Innovation

In this episode, I aim to shine a light on the deceptive practices being carried out by digital agencies across the globe, and whilst I will be speaking specifically about practices pertaining to serving corporate innovation clients, the same set of practices are affecting young startups and entrepreneurs everywhere.

Episode #326: The Life Skills That Matter with Stephen Warley

Stephen Warley is the founder of Life Skills That Matter. After being laid off 18 years ago, Stephen has interviewed over 500 people in professions as diverse as defence, finance, health, marketing and entrepreneurship, read over 200 books about personal development and conducted countless lifestyle design experiments.

Episode #320: Beth Comstock on General Electric and How To Imagine It Forward in Large Companies

Beth Comstock Bestselling Author and Former Change-maker at GE