Bonus Episode: Kate McCready on Conscious Leadership

Kate McCready is a designer, coach and podcaster whose mission is to activate the potential in people and organizations to consciously craft their work for better lives and a better world..

She says that conscious work-lives are not just about business. They are not just about a job or a role. They are about how we show up and evolve as individuals across our careers. How we align who we are, with what we do and how we live. Whether we work for someone else or run our own business. Whether we operate solo or lead an organization of thousands. Whether we are the CEO or the work experience kid.

Working as an Innovation Catalyst in State Government (yes, that was really her title), then jumping over to the corporate world to work in innovation at Deloitte- she eventually stumbled across the wonderful world of human-centred design, and took the leap into becoming an /experience designer where she could tap into her passion for the human side of business.

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April 8, 2019




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