UNCUT with Nate Duncan, host of Dunc'd On

Nate Duncan is host of the wildly popular basketball podcast Dunc’d On.

What if COVID-19 happened in 1990, before the internet?!

We spent a little time thinking through how things would have been different if COVID-19 took place, not in 2020, but in 1990 - before the internet, and how it would have impacted our daily lives, our work, our politics and so on.

Episode 11: Clippers Fail, All-NBA Team, Rockets Aftermath and NBL

How did the LA Clippers blow a 3-1 series lead to the Denver Nuggets?!

The Reverse Side Hustle: a Better Way to Chase Your Dreams

Why the 'reverse side hustle' will not only increase your chances of success, but also give you your life back.

Episode #8: Cuties, The Social Dilemma, White Privilege in the NBA and Cobra Kai!

In this episode of the NoFilter Weekly, Shay and Steve unpack the social dilemma, the rise of technology, Steve Nash's appointment as the Broklyn Nets coach, when fandom goes toxic and cobra kai.

Why fake news is real, and how to cut through the noise

Today, the scale and influence of fake news is like nothing we’ve seen before. And it has the potential to result in similarly devastating consequences as the Holocaust. 

Cancel Netflix? Why 'Cuties' is Causing Uproar

The #cancelnetflix hashtag has been trending on Twitter this week, because of Cuties, a French movie directed by Maïmouna Doucouré that critiques society’s sexualization of girls.

The Social Dilemma: An Important Warning Shot That Falls Short

The Social Dilemma is a 90-minute docudrama which brings tech addiction to the attention of a much larger audience. The film raises awareness of the threats posed by big tech not only on our personal lives, but also on democracy and society at large. 

Megadeth v Metallica | ENCORE | Mick Wall interview

Battle of the Bands is back for a special encore episode featuring none other than the world’s leading rock and metal journalist, Mick Wall.

What if Steve Nash was Black?

This week, Steve Nash, the former 8-time NBA All-Star and 2-time NBA MVP, was appointed Head Coach of the Brooklyn Nets, despite not having any coaching experience. ESPN’s NBA analyst, Stephen A Smith, was quick to fall victim to the simplified if-then view of the world. “This is one of the toughest positions I’ve ever had to take,” Smith said on the air. “Ladies and gentlemen, there’s no way around this. This is white privilege. This does not happen for a black man.”

Episode 10: Steve Nash to Brooklyn, the Giannis Debate and the 2020 NBA Awards

Drewy and Copes discuss the controversy surrounding Steve Nash's appointment at Brooklyn, and Giannis being compared to Pippen in need of a Jordan.

UNCUT with NBA analyst, Ric Bucher

In this uncut episode of the Alley-Oop Show, Drewy and Copes interview the great Ric Bucher.

Megadeth v Metallica | 9 | Season Finale - A New Dawn

In the season finale of Battle of the Bands, we look at both bands efforts and impacts during the 21st Century, and their ongoing legacy.

1. Tales from the Sunset Strip

Join Mick Wall and his guest co-host, author and journalist Jon Hotten, as they jump into a DeLorean and venture back in time to the spandex and AquaNet hairspray-adorned Sunset Strip of West Hollywood in the '80s.

5 Reasons Why Self-Help Books Don’t Work — and why you should read them

Tyler Cowen, the decorated economist, author, and host of the Conversations with Tyler podcast, recently asked his guest, Nicholas Bloom, why self-help books don’t work. I think they do work, but that any tool is only as good as how you use it. In my case, I’ve learned to be more deliberate about how I respond to stimuli from the Stoics. I’ve learned to rapidly build prototypes and test my business model assumptions from the Eric Ries’ The Lean Startup (which led me to raise capital for my first startup on the back of a $2,000 MVP).

Episode 7: Dan Andrews, YUG v USA, Public Enemy, Djoko and NBA2K21

In episode 7 of the NoFilter Weekly, Shay and Steve discuss Dan Andrews and the fallibility of science, Team USA v Yugoslavia hypothetical matchup, Public Enemy's new old song, Joe Rogan's missing episodes, Remote work, NBA2K21 dropping, Novak Djokovic being disqualified from the US Open and Legacy in sports and music.

What Daniel Andrews Gets Wrong about Science

Dan Andrews, the divisive Premier of Victoria, triggered a collective sigh amongst his state’s 6.4 million constituents recently when he announced that Victoria’s lockdown restrictions would be extended for yet another two weeks, bringing the total term of the state’s strict Stage 4 restrictions to at least 10 weeks.At the commencement of his 90-minute press conference, below, Andrews played the science card.

Episode #391: Get Rich and Die Trying with John Roa

At the age of twenty-six, John Roa founded a tech-consulting and design firm, ÄKTA, that he sold for a fortune to Salesforce. His account of his rise from a self-described below-average student, to becoming a poster boy for the ambitious, successful young entrepreneur, to nearly destroying himself in the process is the subject of his book, A Practical Way to Get Rich . . . and Die Trying.

UNCUT with Peter Helliar

Aussie comedy legend, Peter Helliar, joins Drewy and Copes this week on The Alley-Oop Show!

Episode 9: Yugoslavia v USA, NBA Boycott, Giannis and special guest, Peter Helliar

Peter Helliar joins Drewy and Copes in episode 9 of The Alley-Oop Show!

UNCUT with Leigh Ellis, Australian basketball media pioneer

In this episode of #TheAlleyOopShow, Drewy and Copes chat with a media pioneer of Australia's basketball community, Leigh Ellis.

Megadeth v Metallica | 8 | Taking Risks

In this episode of Battle of the Bands, we usher in the 90s, and grunge.

6 Ways to Reinvest Office Space Savings into Your People

Six months into the global remote work experiment, it is becoming increasingly clear that some of us love remote work, some of us hate it, and most of us are somewhere in the middle, opting for a mix of both remote and on-premise work. Many people would love the option of working from a central space for just two to three days a week, as it offers them an opportunity for a change of scenery, and to connect and collaborate with other human beings.

Episode 6: Neuralink, Portland, Madden 21 and Dana White

In episode 6 of the NoFilter Weekly, Shay and Steve discuss Elon Musk's Neuralink, the Portland Riots, EA's Madden challenges, Sydney FC's A-League championship, Boost Your Biology, Dana White's GOP Support, Giannis and NBA Boycotts.

Episode 8: NBA Draft Lottery, Doncic, Flops and special guest interview with comic, Nazeem Hussain

In episode 8 of The Alley-Oop Show, Lanard Copeland and Andrew Gaze discuss the NBA Draft Lottery, Luka Doncic, and Brett Brown's firing, and speak with comedian, Nazeem Hussain.

Megadeth v Metallica | 7 | Escape Velocity

In this episode of Battle of the Bands, both Metallica and Megadeth reach their high water marks. 

42 Business Lessons from the Music Industry

42 business, creativity and life lessons from Alan B Krueger's Rockonomics.

Nazeem Hussain on The Alley-Oop Show

Australian superstar comedian, Nazeem Hussain, joins Andrew Gaze and Lanard Copeland on The Alley-Oop Show to talk.....everything but basketball.

Episode 5: Kobe Week, ACCC v Google, Drake and the S&P500 Recovery

In the fifth instalment of the Weekly, Shay and Steve discuss all the goings-on in the world of politics, sports and entertainment, including Kobe week, Extreme success: can it be achieved with a balanced lifestyle?, Clinton and Epstein, ACCC v Google and GNR v Nirvana

Extreme Success with a Balanced Life — is it possible?

Can you achieve extreme success whilst living a balanced life?This question was posed to Olympic medal-winning speedskater, Apollo Ohno, by Shane Parrish, on The Knowledge Project recently.“Nobody comes to mind”, said Parrish. I beg to differ.

Megadeth v Metallica | 6 | And Justice For All

In this episode of Battle of the Bands, Metallica welcome Jason Newsted to the fold and go out for justice.

Episode 4: Triller, Nick Cave, Apple, PC Culture and Barcelona FC

In the fourth installment of the Weekly, Shay and Steve discuss Trump using Triller, Apples and Pears, PC culture, Kamala Harris' endorsement of biological males playing in womens' sports, and Lionel Messi wanting out of Barcelona FC.

Megadeth v Metallica | 5 | So Far So Good

In this episode of Battle of the Bands, Metallica pick up the pieces, Jason Newsted joins the band, and Megadeth says So What.

How to Build Trust with Remote Teams

Trust-based company cultures don’t lock people up in what Basecamp’s Jason Fried calls a ‘presence prison’. People aren’t required to signal their productivity by showing their face in the office, or on Slack and Zoom. These are poor surrogates for actual productivity and can paradoxically also have a negative effect on it. Trust-based cultures, like the ones epitomized by Amazon and Netflix, give their people autonomy. They communicate asynchronously instead of in realtime because this gives their people time to actually think — what they were hired to do in the first place.

Megadeth v Metallica | 4 | Tragedy on Two Axles

Megadeth v Metallica | 4 | Tragedy on Two Axles

Megadeth v Metallica | 3 | Ride the Lightning

Megadeth v Metallica | 3 | Ride the Lightning

Ep #6: Ben Simmons Injury, Suns undefeated run and guest interview, John Casey

In this episode of The Alley-Oop Show, Drewy and Copes discuss Damian Lillard v Paul George, Ben Simmons' injury, Devin Booker and the Suns undefeated run, Draymond's tampering plus an interview with respected Australian sports journalist and commentator, John Casey.

Megadeth v Metallica | 2 | You're Out of the Band

Megadeth v Metallica | 2 | You're Out of the Band

Forget What’s Trending and Write For You

My publicist beckoned me to write for the masses, to hijack whatever topic was popular at the time, and write derivative pieces about it. She wrote to me in response to a blog I had just penned that arguably had little in common with the Google Trends of the day, and little in common with my forthcoming book — Time Rich — a book I had engaged her to help promote for me. While there is no doubt truth and relevance to her argument — especially if the purpose of our work is to generate awareness for my book, as a writer, writing about whatever the hell I want to write about is a form of therapy, it’s rewarding and it fuels my desire to keep writing and gradually improve over time.

Episode 3: Phoenix Suns, Film and TV Reboots, Seth Rogen and more

In this episode, Shay and Steve discuss the Phoenix Suns 6-0 run, the Reboots of Ren & Stimpy, and Bill & Ted, Filter Bubbles and Music, Identity Politics and Seth Rogen, the 45 Days for Tiktok as well as the new Battle of the Bands podcast.

Megadeth v Metallica | 1 | Musicians Wanted

Megadeth v Metallica | 1 | Musicians Wanted

Season One Trailer

Each week on this show, we’ll deep dive into these stories and unpack battles between musicians that were sometimes fought with album and concert sales, words and fists, and other times, with bullets.

Phil Handy Interview UNCUT

Check out the full, uncut interview with Los Angeles Lakers' Phil Handy and currently coaches the likes of LeBron James. Phil Handy has been on the NBA Finals coaching bench for the past five seasons, four with the Cavs, and one with the Raptors.

Ep #5: NBA is back, Devin Booker, Larry Bird's tomato, and special guest, David Patrick

In this episode of The Alley-Oop Show, Drewy and Copes discuss the NBA season resumption, the LA Lakers vs LA Clippers, DBook's clutch shot buzzer-beater over the clippers, THAT tomato, NBL signings as well as a very special interview with associate head coach for the Arkansas Razorbacks men's basketball team, David Patrick.

How To Make Better Decisions with Symmetry in Physical Laws

Symmetry is something that the human mind is innately drawn to, and something we find beautiful. Flowers, starfish, a butterfly’s wings, crystals, planets, human faces. The absence of symmetry on human faces, no matter how subtle, is enough for us to raise our eyebrows and question whether the subject has had some work done. And for a case of not-so-subtle asymmetry that is far from beautiful…we need not look any further than Sloth from The Goonies.

Episode 2: Alyssa Milano's rant, Jeff Bezos' statement, and Kobe Bryant's discipline

In this sophomore episode of the No Filter Weekly, co-hosts Shay Namdarian and Steve Glaveski, discuss all the goings on in the world of business, sports, politics, and entertainment.

How the Internet Expanded Our Music Taste But Hardened Our Political Beliefs

Up until the mid-noughties, being in high school also meant belonging to a tribe. The tribe you belonged to was usually based on either your ethnicity or your music or athletic choices. During the 1990s, when I grew up, you were either a long-haired metalhead, a Fubu-wearing hip hop fan, a techno head, a melancholic grunge fan, or you spiked your hair high for the pop-punk stylings of Blink 182. There were also less curious kids who ate up whatever mainstream radio threw their way, such as NSYNC and The Spice Girls. That, or you played Aussie Rules football, or soccer.

Kobe Bryant's Work Ethic in 2 Minutes

Kobe Bryant's work ethic described by the LA Lakers assistant coach, Phil Handy, in this delightful two-minute story.

Ep #4: Chicken wings, the Knicks' new coach, and special guest, the LA Lakers' Phil Handy

In this episode of The Alley-Oop Show, Drewy and Copes speak with their former teammate and current assistant coach at the LA Lakers, Phil Handy. They also dissect all the goings on at the NBA Bubble, Lou Williams' trip to a gentlemen's club in search of chicken wings, Tom Thibodeau's appointment as the Knicks' new coach, Denver's big man lineup, new NBL signings, and the curious underwear packing philosophy of JR Smith.

10 Life and Business Lessons from Jeff Bezos’ Opening Statement to Congress

The chief executives of the world’s four biggest tech firms appeared before Congress this week. Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos, was there to defend against Antitrust allegations that Amazon has been undercutting competitors by pricing products at a loss that only it can sustain, thus shutting out competitors in the long-term. Bezos’ annual shareholder letters have been referenced by entrepreneurs worldwide to inform strategy, decision-making, and inspire their organizations to great heights, and weather the storm that inevitably comes with any difficult pursuit.

Episode #390: Daniel Cannizzaro talks Australian Fintech, Parpera

In this episode of Future Squared, founder of Aussie fintech Parpera, shares his journey from Melbourne's northwestern suburbs to EY and London Business School, before founding up and coming fintech, Parpera.

Should Your Hedge Your Bets?

Hedging is used by investors to eliminate or mitigate the risk of a position and to offset losses. It works by taking an opposite position in a related asset. For example, a farmer might hedge the price risk of grain by negotiating a forward contract, whereby the farmer agrees to deliver a certain amount of grain to a buyer for an agreed price at some point in the future. Another example of hedging in day-to-day life might be betting against your favorite sports team. This is a form of emotional hedging whereby if your team loses, at least you still win, and vice versa.

The NoFilter Weekly: Episode 1

In this very first installment of the No Filter Weekly, co-hosts Shay Namdarian and Steve Glaveski, discuss all the goings on in the world of business, sports, politics, and entertainment.

Ep #3: NBA Snitches, LBJ's Rookie Card, NBL Signings and special guest, Mark Bradtke

In this third episode of The Alley-Oop Show, Andrew and Lanard dissect all the goings on in the lead-up to the new NBA season, off-season signings in the NBL, LeBron James' rookie card, and they have a conversation with former teammate, Mark Bradtke.

Bauer Media Closures and Why COVID-19 is NOT to Blame

Bauer Media Australia today announced the closure of eight titles, including the iconic ELLE Australia, InStyle, Harper’s Bazaar, Men’s Health Australia, Women’s Health Australia, Good Health, NW and OK! Australia. Both the print and digital versions of these titles were deemed no longer viable.

EP #2: The NBA Bubble, Jay Williams' rant, Dorry Kordahi and more

In the sophomore episode of The Alley-Oop Show, Gaze and Copeland go inside the NBA bubble, and interview the new owner of the NBL's Hawks, Dorry Kordahi.

An Attitude of Uncertainty: Social Science, Identity Politics and Our Future

Feynman was a staunch advocate for doubt, for keeping an open mind and carrying on as if our ideas are all wrong — which, as it turns out, they often are. As Feynman himself said in numerous lectures, the fundamental essence of science is that “we can never be sure we’re right, we can only ever be sure we’re wrong”.

EP #1: The NBA Bubble, Kanye's New Shoe and Special Guest, Jeff Van Groningen

In this very special debut episode of The Alley-Oop Show, NBL legends Lanard Copeland and Andrew Gaze discuss all the goings on inside and around the world of basketball.

How My First Day at Work Made Me Feel Less Human

A personal account on what the modern company gets wrong about the office.

Episode #389: The Low Touch Economy with Nick De Mey

Nick De Mey is founding partner of Board of Innovation, a Strategy & Business Design firm for corporates.

Why Most Team Bonding Activities are a Waste of Time - Online and Off

The truth is that team-bonding activities ultimately take people away from important work, family, friends, and personal interests. As such, people should be able to choose whether or not they participate in token initiatives without fear of obvious or subtle recourse.

Tommy Lee Tattoos Face: Crowd Doesn't Go Wild

Motley Crue's Tommy Lee has a new tattoo...and it's on his face.

Employers: Beware of the Good Employee Reference

No doubt you’ve had countless such exchanges when finishing up brunch at a local cafe.

Achievement Unlocked: Metal Bands Turn to Twitch

What do many gamers and software engineers have in common? They love heavy metal. So, it should come as no real surprise to see bands turning to Twitch, the live streaming service popular with gamers, to share and promote their work.

Eric Weinstein Addresses Black Lives Matter Movement

Eric Weistein, mathematical physician, managing director of Thiel Capital, regular guest on the Joe Rogan Experience, and member of the so-called Intellectual Dark Web, is known for being outspoken and holding what some might consider to be controversial views - it is worth noting that when you stand for anything, your views are likely to be construed as controversial, or at least unfavourable, by people who stand against.

How to Learn Anything Fast with Overnight Poker Champion, Maria Konnikova

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Maria Konnikova, a two-times New York Times bestselling psychology author, former writer for The New Yorker, and most recently, a national poker champion.

Episode #388: From Journalist to Poker Champion with Maria Konnikova

Maria is the author of two New York Times best-sellers, The Confidence Game (Viking/Penguin 2016), winner of the 2016 Robert P. Balles Prize in Critical Thinking, and Mastermind: How to Think Like Sherlock Holmes (Viking/Penguin, 2013), an Anthony and Agatha Award finalist.

Kevin Hart's The Decision is Motivation for the Motivated

Kevin Hart's new Audible Original audiobook combines comedy, pop-culture references, and actionable wisdom, in a way that almost every other self-development author would love to do, but can't.

Dave Chappelle Drops a New Special

In the socially distancing-friendly surroundings of his home in Ohio, iconic comedian Dave Chappelle made history by hosting what was perhaps the first live standup event that didn't require patrons to honk their horns in place of laughter.

Music Festivals Go Online

Concert promoters are taking music festivals online amid COVID-19. The latest production to go online is Megadeth's Metal Tour of the Year.

Episode #387: Fighting Fear with Big Wave Surfer, Mark Mathews

Surfer, Red Bull Athlete and Keynote Speaker. Mark Mathews is a professional big wave surfer who has made a living surfing waves up to 50 feet big.

Episode #386: An interview with my mother, Miljana Glaveska

Immigrant, Fighter and Survivor. In this episode of Future Squared, I interview my now 69-year-old mom, Miljana Glaveska.

3 Ways to Learn Faster and Remember Longer

I recently interviewed super-learner Jonathan Levi of Becoming Superhuman on the Future Squared podcast, and it is full of value bombs on learning and memorization, among myriad other topics, including Levi’s struggles with ADD and depression throughout his late teens and twenties, and how gaining a greater appreciation for how we learn helped get him out of it.

80 Life Lessons From Richard Feynman

“You must not fool yourself and you are the easiest person to fool.”

What Cobra Kai Teaches Us about Empathy and Other-Awareness

You can hardly open a business or psychology book without coming across numerous mentions of emotional intelligence, EQ or self-awareness.

How to Beat Information Overload

We’re living in a world of information overload.Over 4 million blog posts are published every day. There are more than 800,000 podcasts and more than 30 million podcast episodes available. Countless emails land in our inbox daily with ‘COVID-19’ or ‘webinar’ somewhere in the subject line.

How To Stay Productive When Your Work is the Distraction

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about personal productivity lately, having appeared on a number of podcasts in the lead up to the release of my next book, Time Rich, in October.

Jeffrey Katzenberg’s $1.7B Quibi Fail: A Case Study in Egotistical Leadership

Leadership is many things to many people.However, the common consensus amongst most credible thinkers and practitioners is that effective leadership is characterized by attributes such as humility, effective decision-making, facilitation of outcomes, transparent communication, effective delegation, empowering others to succeed, and taking ownership for one’s actions.

Episode #384: Tony Nash on Building a 9-Figure Online Business - Part One

Tony Nash is co-founder and CEO of Booktopia, which employs 260 people, generates over $170M and sells one item every six seconds.

10 Times I’ve Failed Miserably Before Succeeding

A revealing peek into lessons learned from life’s many failures.

Episode #383: Negotiate Anything with Alexandra Carter

Alexandra Carter is a Clinical Professor of Law and Director of the Mediation Clinic at Columbia Law School. She has spent the last eleven years helping thousands of people negotiate better, build relationships and reach their goals. In 2019, Alex was awarded the Columbia University Presidential Award for Outstanding Teaching, Columbia University’s highest teaching honor.

You Don’t Need to Self-Hate to Be Great

Being self-critical can cause more harm than good — here’s what to do instead.

Beware of The Immediacy Effect

The human condition is plagued and augmented — depending on the context — with all sorts of ingrained biases, many of which we are unaware of.

Why Your Company Probably Runs Like C.RA.P.

The eight hour workday is just one of the hallmarks of the industrial revolution that still characterises the modern company.

Episode #382: The Psychology of Friendship with Lydia Denworth

Lydia Denworth is a contributing editor for Scientific American and writes the Brain Waves blog for Psychology Today.

How a Culture of Experimentation Helped Us Survive COVID-19

COVID-19 has served as a wake-up call to leaders everywhere.

Episode #381: Alex Osterwalder on Building an Invincible Company

This episode is brought to you by Collective Campus brand new online innovation courses. Whether you want to learn about business models and testing ideas with Alex Osterwalder, building a corporate startup with Dan Toma, or learn about topics such as design thinking, and agile fundamentals, head to www.collectivecampus.io/online

How Richard Feynman Famously Rejected a Lucrative Job Offer

Richard P Feynman (1918–1988) was one of the most celebrated minds of the 20th Century, a theoretical physicist and professor known for his work in quantum mechanics, quantum electrodynamics, and particle physics, winning him the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1965. He also worked with Robert Oppenheimer on the Manhattan Project at Los Alamos.

What Beethoven Teaches Us about Trending on Medium

“I could write that”.This is what you tell yourself as you read the trending work of other Medium authors.

Connect with Projects, Not Just Calls

Over three months into the isolation experiment, and our patience for Zoom and FaceTime as a proxy for genuine face-to-face human interaction is beginning to wear thin.

Episode #380: Rising From the Startup Ashes with Michael Fox

Michael Fox is an entrepreneur and investor, best known for co-founding Shoes of Prey, the online retail startup that raised US$25M and grew its team to 200 people, before lagging demand forced the company to famously call it a day in 2019. Today, he heads up plant-based meat alternative company, Fable Foods Co.

How to Become a Great Writer with Ben Mezrich

I spoke with the prolific best-selling author, Ben Mezrich, for an episode of Future Squared podcast.

Contact Tracing: Emergency Measure or Permanent Surveillance?

Contact tracing promises better monitoring and control of Coronavirus. But it might also gives Government unprecedented totalitarian powers — at least in large parts of the west.

Learning How to Learn with Scott H Young

Wetend to admire people who accomplish extraordinary intellectual feats, whether it be learning several languages or writing a complex piece of software.

Artificial Intelligence and Business with Neil Sahota

I had the opportunity to talk with Neil Sahota for an episode of the Future Squared podcast.

Gyms After Coronavirus: Winners & Losers

COVID-19 has forced the mass closure of gyms and fitness studios all over the world.

How To Reach Your Goals Faster with Isaac Newton’s Laws of Motion

Nature can answer our biggest questions and help us navigate our most difficult struggles.Whether its exponential growth, standing out in a crowded marketplace, building an impressive network, going viral, getting fit or scoring a mate, observing lessons in nature can help us reach our goals.And in order to best learn from nature, we can turn to science and in particular, physics.

10X Your Reach with Secondary Markets

Whatever creative endeavour you’re on, be it a writer, a podcaster or photographer, you no doubt derive a great sense of presence and fulfilment from your craft (if you don’t then pick something else!).

5 Ways to Turn Customers into Fans

It’s hard to imagine hearing Harry Potter, Microsoft, Iron Maiden, and underwear in one sentence, but that’s exactly what happened in my conversation with Wall Street Journal bestselling author, David Meerman Scott, for an episode of the Future Squared podcast.