Episode 4: Boost Dopamine with this Nootropic

In this episode, Lucas explores an exotic dopamine-boosting nootropic called 9-MBC (9-Methyl-Beta-Carboline). 

He explains the key benefits, actions and uses for this research chemical. He explains how this nootropic upgrades dopamine to increase your zest for life. 9-MBC improves the efficiency of the respiratory chain, leading to potentially enhanced cognitive and athletic performance. It increases the rate of neurotrophin synthesis, which can lead to memory and learning enhancement. 

It is, in short, the most well-rounded and effective nootropic available. It delivers clean stimulation, and sharper, faster thinking. And unlike so many other nootropics, the effects of which are disappointingly transient, the pro-cognitive benefits derived from 9-MBC should be very long-lasting.

*This is not medical advice*

Relevant links:
Buy 9-MBC Here: https://www.ergogenichealth.com.au/product/9-mbc 

Show notes: www.nofilter.media/boostyourbiology

July 5, 2020




Lucas Aoun

Boost Your Biology


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