Cheaters Dominate Super Mario 35

In just over a week from the launch of Nintendo's 35th-anniversary offering in honor of our favorite plumber, hackers have found a way to cheat. However, it didn't come as a surprise to hardcore game enthusiasts since cheating is a staple of battle royale games. 

In Mario's battle royale, 35 players fight each other in a 2D arena to be the ultimate survivor - following the same rules from the 8-bit classic Nintendo game we all loved. The players will run levels from the classic game with the other players. And to make the game more interesting, all fallen enemies and elements you beat are transported to other players' games. 

As spotted by Polygon, many players have collected 99,999 coins in a single match, as shown in the game's global leaderboard. This number raises suspicions, as most players would be lucky to even rack more than 1000 coins in a typical match. 

Evidence keeps emerging on twitter showing the blatant dishonesty some players do to get an edge over the competition. With just a week into launch, most will agree that this feat shouldn't be possible without hacking.

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Gamers are pointing out a recent deleted YouTube video that explains how hackers were able to pull off the exploits for unlimited coins. Nintendo was quick to take down the video for copyright claims and is taking actions against similar videos. It would be a possibility for Nintendo to modify the game with some form of anti-cheat measure. However, as of this writing, there's still no official statement from Nintendo acknowledging the hacking that seems to be happening under their nose.

Super Mario Bros. 35 launched on October 1 in the Nintendo Switch eShop and only available to Nintendo Switch Online subscribers. This game is only available until the 31st of March, 2021.

October 12, 2020




Elaine Geneston


Cheaters Dominate Super Mario 35

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