Megadeth v Metallica | ENCORE | Mick Wall interview

Battle of the Bands is back for a special encore episode featuring none other than the world’s leading rock and metal journalist, Mick Wall.

Mick Wall has worked in the music industry for over four decades, and is considered to be to music journalism what Keith Richards is to guitar.

Since cutting his teeth for rock magazine Sounds in 1976, Wall went on to work for the likes of Kerrang!, Rolling Stone, Playboy, Mojo and Classic Rock magazine, and has written countless rock and roll biographies, including Enter Night, the Metallica biography.

Mick lived through it all, and knows both Metallica and Megadeth intimately, so who better to join us to cap off season one of Battle of the Bands?


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September 12, 2020




Steve Glaveski

Battle of the Bands


Megadeth v Metallica | ENCORE | Mick Wall interview

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