Episode 10: Nootropics/Smart Drugs: Hacking Your Personality & Cognition

In this episode, Lucas explores the realm of cosmetic neurology, otherwise known as nootropics. He explains how nootropics have helped him reduce procrastination, feel less “stuck in his own head”, and enhance focus. He highlights who can benefit from nootropics, how they work and even some major pitfalls and side effects that must be known. This episode will be accompanied by a Nootropics Webinar that can be found at Ergogenic Health’s home website. This episode is a must for anyone wanting to upgrade their brain power!

Website Home: https://www.ergogenichealth.com.au/
Webinars: https://www.ergogenichealth.com.au/masterclasses   

Show notes: www.nofilter.media/boostyourbiology

August 2, 2020




Lucas Aoun

Boost Your Biology


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