Tommy Lee Tattoos Face: Crowd Doesn't Go Wild

Tommy Lee has made headlines throughout his career, whether it was for selling millions of records, drumming upside down, breaking up, making up, fighting (with his wife, with Kid Rock…), tweeting anti-Trump rhetoric, or for tattooing lips onto his neck.

He and his ‘toxic twin’, Motley Crue’s Nikki Sixx, proudly wore sleeve tattoos way back when the only people who really had tattoos were bikers, inmates, ex-military personnel and rock stars - when tattoos were stigmatised. Before the likes of an ink-covered David Beckham featured in Calvin Klein billboards.

So the latest Tommy Lee headline should come as no major surprise. 

Tommy Lee’s New Tattoo

This time around, Lee asked his tattoo artist, @mariobarthtattoo, to aim his needle at a fresh canvas... Lee’s face. 

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While his legion of fans have more or less revelled in the antics of the now 57-year-old Peter Pan, he received mixed reactions to his latest series of face tattoos.

While general sentiments were overwhelmingly negative,a number of fans naturally came to Lee’s defence.

It is yet unknown how Lee’s wife, IG ‘influencer’, Brittany Furlan (33), responded when he called her with some variation of the following Motley Crue lyric: “I know it’s late, but this can’t wait...I just got a new tattoo”. 

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June 29, 2020




Steve Glaveski


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