Author issues open challenge to Deloitte CEO, Adam Powick, on Remote Work

Author of Wiley books Time Rich and Employee to Entrepreneur, Steve Glaveski, issued an open challenge to Deloitte CEO Adam Powick in response to the announcement that Deloitte staff can work wherever, whenever.

The Australian Financial Review reported that Deloitte Australia eliminated set working hours and the requirement for staff to be in the office a minimum number of days per week.

But Glaveski, while commending the move, seems to think it's little more than just lip service.

In his open letter, he writes:

This first step towards creating a truly flexible workplace that values outcomes over hours, and productivity over presence, should be commended by anybody concerned with creating more fulfilling workplaces.

However, simply telling people they can work from wherever they like, whenever they like, without addressing the culture or systems that underpin how work gets done at a firm like Deloitte, risks being a redundant move - one that could do more harm than good.

Glaveski goes on to elaborate on why work is broken, and introduces the following five ways that Deloitte can go abouttruly build a flexible and fulfilling workplace.

1. Move away from hyper-responsiveness and real-time communication towards asynchronous communication

2. Move away from an over-reliance on email

3. Move away from hyper-availability and culture of “yes”

4. Optimize for employee conviction over group consensus

5. Ramp up the automation and outsourcing of rudimentary processes

You can read the entire open letter here.

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July 5, 2021




Frank Gabuzi


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