Andrew Bogut on the NBA's Social Justice Hypocrisy

Former NBA champion Andrew Bogut has criticized the NBA's double standards when it comes to social justice activism.

The Four-Day Workweek is Overrated, Study Finds

Steve Glaveski, CEO of Collective Campus and author of Time Rich, says that the shorter workweeks simply means people are having to find more efficient and effective ways to do things.

Breaking: Argentina Beats Colombia on Penalties to Reach Copa America 2020 Final Against Brazil

Breaking: Argentina Beats Colombia on Penalties to Reach Copa America 2020 Final Against Brazil

Innovation Consultancy Now Accepts DogeCoin and Other Cryptocurrencies

Melbourne-based corporate innovation consultancy and startup accelerator, Collective Campus, has announced that it will now be accepting payment in a number of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Eth

Author issues open challenge to Deloitte CEO, Adam Powick, on Remote Work

Author of Time Rich and Employee to Entrepreneur, Steve Glaveski, issued an open challenge to Deloitte CEO Adam Powick in response to the announcement that Deloitte staff can work wherever, whenever.

Qantas Axes 6,000 Jobs

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic that has crippled airline operations across the globe, Qantas announced major changes. 6,000 workers, including ground staff and crew members, have been laid off in response to to the pandemic. The restructuring cuts across Qantas and it’s budget arm, Jetstar. 

Muhammad Ali’s Son Thinks Dad Would Have Shunned Black Lives Matter

Muhammad Ali Jr, the son of boxing legend Muhammad Ali, gave an hour-long interview to the New York Post on the George Floyd protests. He called the protests "racist", and argued that his father would have distanced himself from the Black Lives Matter movement. 

Tom Petty’s Family Issue Cease and Desist Letter to Trump Campaign

Petty’s iconic song was used at the Saturday evening rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Part of the statement read, the family "does not stand for this."

Messi to Sign a 2-Year Contract Extension Worth £52 Million

Argentine international, Lionel Messi, is expected to sign a new contract that will extend his stay at the Camp Nou by two years. The contract will run until 2023 and contains a free release provision after the first season. 

Kyrie Irving Proposes Players Start Their Own League

Mixed views on the opening of the NBA on July 31

Coppa Italia: Napoli Overcomes Juventus in a 4:2 Penalty Shootout

Gennaro Gattuso wins his first hard-won title

New Estimates Show a Possibility of Up to 6 Billion Earth-like Planets

New calculations show that for every five sun-like stars, there might be one Earth-like planet, meaning there are about 6 billion Earth-like planets in the universe. 

Blue Lives Matter Ride on the NASCAR Circuit

Pro-law enforcement team win acclaim at the NASCAR circuit.

The Premier League is Back

After an unforgiving spell of staying indoors following public health guidelines, the nation finally got something to celebrate in the Premier League. Aston Villa faces Sheffield United after a 100-day suspension. This is the first of 92 games to be squeezed in the coming 40 days before the season concludes on July 26.

Marcus Rashford a Symbol of Unity in a Period Marked by Divisiveness

Marcus Rashford receives nationwide praise after the government makes a U-turn.