Episode #286: Philosophy and the Blockchain with Moresh Kokane

Moresh Kokane is the founder of real estate crowdfunding company Estate Baron and co-founder of next-generation distributed share registry, Konkrete.

This conversation is very much a tale of two halves.

The first 50 minutes we explore the mindset of the entrepreneur, what it takes to succeed and various schools of philosophy that can help someone not only become a better entrepreneur or business leader, but a better person. We explore the book that changed Moresh’s life, Atlas Shrugged, as well as its philosophy of objectivism. I challenge Moresh on whether or not people are really in control of their choices and we dive into why a healthy relationship with adversity is one of the key determinants behind anybody’s success.

The next 30 minutes we explore blockchain, the decentralisation of money and Moresh’s startup Konkrete, which - full disclosure - Collective Campus is a JV investor in, but what we explore is an innovative, fully compliant fundraising method that Konkrete is leveraging and something that blockchain-based startups can learn from.

So with that, please enjoy this 90 minute deep dive with Konkrete’s Moresh Kokane.

Topics Discussed:

  • Moresh’s trials and tribulations as an entrepreneur
  • Going from employee to entrepreneur
  • Mindset of an entrepreneur
  • Are entrepreneurs born or made?
  • Atlas Shrugged and the philosophy of Objectivism
  • Objectivism v Determinism (we are the product of our choices, but are we in control of them?)
  • Stoicism
  • How to reconcile ambition with calm and centeredness
  • Strong opinions, loosely held
  • Leading from the front
  • Life and business lessons from history and military strategy
  • The decentralisation of money
  • The crypto hype cycle and the subsequent bloodbath
  • Regulating blockchain-based startups
  • The history of money
  • Konkrete and the compliant Offer Information Statement (OIS) as an alternative fund-raising mechanism for blockchain-based startups

Show Notes:


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October 19, 2018




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