Episode #400: From Fijian Refugee to Billion Dollar Supplement Empire with Izhar Basha

From humble beginnings with a small supplement retail store in Randwick, Izhar Basha has gone on to create and head internationally recognised and celebrated Australian supplements brand, EHPlabs. After an autoimmune disease diagnosis forced Izhar to leave a successful law career, his mission has been to help people focus on their health and wellbeing. Izhar was one of the first in the business sector to utilise the power of social media and his flagship product OxyShred has been hailed as the world’s number 1 thermogenic fat burner.

Whilst being family focused with two young girls of his own, Izhar continues to develop EHPlabs through the ongoing creation of scientifically backed, high quality products. This was a fascinating conversation, and touched on:

Izhar’s upbringing and his family’s troubles in Fiji Cultivating a mindset that helped him overcome sub-optimal grades to finish top of his class Burning out on 16 hour days at a law firm And how this led him to establish a company that today has an enterprise valuation of almost a billion dollars

We discussed this and a whole lot more, so strap yourself in for my conversation with Izhar Basha.


Show Notes:

-Web: www.ehplabs.com

-IG: @izharbasha

-IG: @ehplabs

----- www.nofilter.media

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November 18, 2020




Steve Glaveski

Future Squared


Episode #400: From Fijian Refugee to Billion Dollar Supplement Empire with Izhar Basha

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