Episode #85: The Future of Apps with Buzinga's Logan Merrick

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Logan Merrick is a co-founder and strategic director of Buzinga App Development, Australia’s leading app development company building meaningful, game-changing apps for emerging tech businesses and innovative enterprises.

Logan started Buzinga in June 2012 with his co-founder Graham, spurred on by a passion for technology, customer service and workplace happiness that would make a huge impact in the global app development scene.

Logan’s creativity and drive for innovation, combined with Graham’s analytical, process driven approach to business, has taken Buzinga from a team of 8 people ‘incubating’ in Graham’s lounge room to a team of 30 powerhouse app development professionals.

Logan is an incredibly passionate and driven innovator who does things ‘hard and fast’. This philosophy has led to Buzinga’s phenomenal growth and reputation as leaders in delivering creative, high-quality mobile solutions that have a lasting impact.

Buzinga has had 2 apps hit #1 on the app store in the last 6 months, a $12million acquisition, been recognised in BRW’s Fast Starters of 2015, a finalist for Startup Smart’s Best Australian Startup, and is a finalist for Australia’s Coolest Tech Company.

Logan is a recognised speaker, mentor and investor in the tech community of Australia, specialising in mobile first strategy and design innovation. Logan has been working in the mobile space for over 5 years with direct involvement in over 150 projects. He directs the marketing and consulting functions of the business whist driving the strategy behind product development, user acquisition and customer engagement.


Topics Covered:

- Navigating growth: from 2 to 30 people in 4 years

- Technology Trends 

- Healthtech

- The future of apps

- The role of augmented reality

- App development for corporates

- Health Apps

- Innovation and ideation for app development

- How to attract and retain top talent

- Employee engagement-

 Facebook & Instagram v Snapchat v Whatsapp

- Living longer, eating differently and improving your quality of life

- Removing technology from your morning routine

- 14 day meditation retreats


Show Notes: 

1) www.buzinga.com.au/ - Logan’s Company

2) www.georgeinstitute.org.au/ - The George Institute

3) www.linkedin.com/in/loganmerrick - Logan’s Linkedin



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November 19, 2016




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