24. Sustainable Fat Loss Tips, Mindset & Nutrition with Laura Morel

In this episode, Lucas invites Laura Morel, to dispel some common fat loss misconceptions and issues. They delve into key mindset changes and habits to speed up results and growth. Laura also explores why most diets fail, and specific dietary hacks to enhance fat loss and metabolism. Laura’s key mission is to eliminate Yo-Yo dieting for good!


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Show notes: www.nofilter.media/boostyourbiology Laura’s IG:

https://www.instagram.com/lauramorelwellness/ Free Health Masterclass/Webinars: https://www.ergogenic.health/masterclasses

October 23, 2020




Steve Glaveski

Boost Your Biology


24. Sustainable Fat Loss Tips, Mindset & Nutrition with Laura Morel

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