Djokovic Disqualified From U.S. Open After Judge-Hitting Accident

Most professional athletes personally regret losing their cool and lashing out in the middle of official games but this time, officials of the U.S. Open literally gave Novak Djokovic something to deeply regret. Reuters reports that the World No. 1 tennis player has been disqualified from the tournament after his little outburst sent a ball flying straight to a line judge’s throat. It was a tough match on Sunday between Djokovic and Spain’s unseeded Pablo Carreno Busta. The three-time U.S. Open champion could feel the first set of his match slipping away after he gave away three set points before suffering a fall. Having squandered serve to fall back 5-6, he took a ball and smacked it toward the backcourt, inadvertently hitting a lineswoman considerably hard.

NBA 2K21 Drops

NBA 2K21 is finally here, and it packed a fair amount of buzz on Day 1. One Twitter user obviously had a wonderful launch day, tweeting “I ain’t gonna lie, I’m loving NBA2K21.” Hours after that ecstatic tweet was sent out, another one came in. It read: “1st day of @NBA2K and I’ve come to the conclusion it is the worst 2K I’ve ever played.” Others claimed they got the Dame version despite ‘paying for the Mamba Forever Edition.’ Meanwhile, developer Mike Wang is busy handing out tips to those who can’t figure out the new shooting mechanism: 

BLM Takes Centerstage in New Public Enemy Video

31 years ago, Public Enemy released ‘Fight The Power,’ a track that quickly became an anthem for the anti-establishment movement. Fast forward to the year 2020, and the hip-hop band just came out with a new video and proved that the anthem remains as relevant as it was in 1989, amid the social unrest sparked by police-civilian hostility. Variety reports that the updated track actually made its debut at the opening of the BET Awards in June. However, the new music video gave the iconic song a fresh texture as it featured the group performing while footage and images from recent protests play in the reel.

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Will Now Make Netflix Shows

Former Hollywood star Meghan Markle and her husband Prince Harry have signed a deal with streaming giant Netflix to make new shows, some of which the Royal Couple may appear in. Six months after formally and dramatically leaving royal life to resettle for private, married life in California, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have fixed their eyes on chasing new dreams and unveiling the start of their Hollywood careers as producers.

Joe Rogan Makes Spotify Debut Without His Most Controversial Episodes

The Joe Rogan Experience has pranced over to Spotify, but fans were disappointed to find out that not all of Rogan’s episodes made the cut. Notably, the episodes that were considered fan favorites were missing from the newly-released Spotify channel. As listed down by Entertainment Weekly, interviews with far-right personalities Owen Benjamin, Gavin McInnes, Charles C. Johnson, And Milo Yiannopoulos, among others, have not migrated to Spotify.

Russian Trolls Peddling Fake News To Derail U.S. Polls Again

Back in 2016, an army of Russia-backed PR firms trooped to social media to shrink progressive and minority support for Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid. Now it seems they’re back with more fake accounts and diversionary tactics to tilt the November polls in favor of President Donald Trump’s reelection. According to the New York Times, both Facebook and Twitter have come forward with evidence to prove something that intelligence agencies have been flagging for months: that Russians are trying to meddle in U.S. politics once again.

Messi Agrees To Sign 5-Year, €700m Contract With Man City

So it seems Lionel Messi can’t stand spending another minute with Barcelona. According to Give Me Sport, the Argentine star has agreed on signing a five-year deal to work with Pep Guardiola and the rest of Man City -- as soon as he can find a way out of his current contract with Barcelona, which has a year left to run. While showdown talks have yet to conclude, though, Messi no longer thinks himself beholden to Barca’s schedule. In fact, he was reportedly slapped with a huge fine for missing the team’s training session and COVID-19 testing last Monday.

Frustrated Madden 21 Users Call on NFL To Drop EA

Right alongside VMA-related hashtags like #CongratulationsBTS and #Gaga, calls for NFL to drop EA trended early on Monday. This comes two days after ‘Madden NFL 21’ launched on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Apparently, the game has not improved in years, and gamers are getting increasingly fed up. In fact, according to Sporting News, it has become almost impossible for EA Sports to sweep criticism of its annual football simulation game release under the rug, in spite of its rockstar PR team and sky-high sales.

Sydney FC Wins 5th A-League Crown

Sydney FC took home its fifth A-League Championship to confirm what we already know: this is Sydney’s golden A-League era. As pointed out by ABC, this is the third crown for Steve Corica’s side just in the last four years. It was a wildly entertaining grand final against Melbourne, too, filled to the brim with controversial calls, near-misses, and some good old extra time. In the end, it was a strike from Rhyan Grant 10 minutes into extra time that ended it all. Erick Mombaert’s side could only watch in disbelief as their total dominance in the first phase, coupled with an overturned goal early in the match-up, all came to a losing halt.

Ted Wheeler Blames Trump For Portland Riots

Last week, Democratic Mayor Ted Wheeler all but told President Donald Trump to get lost when the latter offered federal aid to put an end to the violence in Portland. Now, Wheeler is blaming Trump after a right-wing protester was murdered in light of the escalating riots and burgeoning violence in the city. “Do you seriously wonder, Mr. President, why this is the first time in decades that America has seen this level of violence?” Wheeler said in an address broadcast by NBC News. “It’s you who have created the hate and division. It’s you who have not found a way to say the names of Black people killed by police officers even as people in law enforcement have, and it’s you who claimed that white supremacists are good people.” 

Elon Musk Unveils Neuralink With Chip Implant on Pig's Brain

It’s one of those days that feel more like an early episode of Black Mirror. Today, Elon Musk unveiled more details about his startup -- Neuralink. The tech entrepreneur showed off a pig whose brain activity was uploaded to a Neuralink device. As Gertrude the pig snuffled around a pen, munching on snacks, and mostly ignoring the scientists ‘studying’ its brain, Musk again explained the idea behind Neuralink: a digital link between brains and computers. Ideally, it will pave the way for computers to use data culled from a person’s neural activity to communicate back to the brain.

FBI Nabs Russian Hacker Who Tried To Steal Tesla Secrets

In fairness to Russian hacker Egor Igorevich Kriuchkov, it wasn’t such a bad plan to try and bribe a Tesla employee to help him steal company secrets. After all, how hard can it be to find an overworked, disillusioned engineer who would love a chance to stick it to Elon Musk and get $1 million in the process? According to Mashable, the plan was for Kriuchkov and his co-conspirators to give the employee malware to be installed on one of the company’s computers while the Russian mob presumably runs a standard DDoS attack to distract the firm’s security teams. 

NBA Wednesday Cancelled Due To Slew Of Player Boycotts

It was all systems go for the Game 5 triple-header on Wednesday night, but zero NBA action took place as players staged a boycott protest following the police shooting of Jacob Blake. Police officers shot at Blake, a black man, multiple times as he was getting into his car in Kenosha, Wisconsin, on Sunday. It was the Milwaukee Bucks that first decided not to emerge from their locker room for the continuation of their playoffs series against the Orlando Magic. According to CBS Sports, this move by the Bucks prompted the NBA to postpone all three games slated for the night. That includes games between the Houston Rockets and Oklahoma City Thunder, as well as Los Angeles Lakers vs. Portland Trail Blazers.

Giannis Antetokounmpo Wins Defensive Player Of The Year By A Mile

The Greek Freak continues to amaze as he bagged the 2019-2020 Kia NBA Defensive Player of the Year award. According to nba.com, this is Giannis Antetokounmpo’s first KDPoY award after finishing as a runner up for the recognition last season. The 6’11” forward is only the fifth player in NBA history to clinch both the NBA Defensive Player of Year award and the NBA MVP plum in a career. He joins the prestigious list previously exclusive to Michael Jordan, Hakeem Olajuwon, David Robinson, and Kevin Garnett. Giannis led the Milwaukee Bucks to the league’s best defensive outing so far, allowing only 96.5 points per 100 possessions when he’s on court.

KFC Shelves 'Finger Lickin' Good' Slogan Because Of The Pandemic

KFC has announced that it is retiring its Finger Lickin’ Good slogan because it doesn’t seem like the kind of message people should be hearing at a time like this.

Lebron James Condemned For 'Destroying' The NBA

While fans and other adoring analysts are heaping praises at LeBron James for bringing the NBA to greater heights, OutKick’s Clay Travis is calling him out for his questionable principles and advocacies off-court.

Nike Launches Powerful Week-Long Birthday Tribute To Kobe

Entitled ‘Better,’ the short ad continued a lesson taught best by the Black Mamba himself: to commit to excellence in every endeavor, to have laser-focus on the things one wants to achieve, and ultimately -- to be better.

Drake To Produce Quibi's '48 Laws of Power'

In case you missed it, Drake is executive producing a new show called ‘48 Laws of Power.’ Along with Future Nur, Dreamcrew’s Jason Shrier, Anonymous Content’s Zack Hayden, and author Robert Greene, the Chicago Freestyle hitmaker is going into business with new streaming service Quibi. This follows the Canadian rapper’s successful revival of British crime drama ‘Top Boy’ for Netflix.

Asteroid Headed For Earth To End Year With A Bang

Ready for 2020 to end yet? Well first, we have to survive the planet getting hit by an asteroid in November. Way to end the year with a bang, eh? NASA scientists confirmed to news.com.au an asteroid named 2018VP1 is currently hurtling towards the Earth and will directly collide with the planet a day before the November 2 presidential elections in the U.S. The 6.5-foot-diameter asteroid was first spotted by the Palomar Observatory in California two years ago.

Tiktok Hits Back At Trump's Ban With Lawsuit

In a statement released to reporters, the company alleged that ever since the U.S. government announced that it will ban TikTok in the country, they have “sought to engage in good faith to provide a constructive solution.

Australian Watchdog Shaking Down Google and Facebook for Its Money

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is downplaying Google’s concerns over the agency’s proposed News Media Bargaining Code, insisting it does not pose a threat to internet users in Australia.

Facebook Purges 790 QAnon Groups In Conspiracy Crackdown

790 QAnon groups have been removed from Facebook, as the social network launched its latest and broadest moderation sweep on the platform.up

Goodyear Under Fire For Banning 'Blue Lives Matter'

Goodyear is under fire for preaching about equity in a seminar that explicitly promoted discrimination. Listed under acceptable messages are ‘Black Lives Matter’ and LGBT Pride. Meanwhile, the ‘unacceptable’ column included Blue Lives Matter, All Lives Matter, MAGA attire, and other ‘Political Affiliated Slogans or Material’.

Lewandowski Posts Unbelievable Stats In Bayern's Win Over Lyon

Robert Lewandowski’s 88th-minute goal in Bayern Munich’s Champions League victory against Lyon is nothing short of poetic. Aside from sweetening the win to a 3-0 outing over the gritty underdogs of Lyon, the textbook goal solidified the Bayern forward’s claim as one of his generation’s finest, right after the Germans’ 8-2 thrashing of Messi’s Barcelona last week. It was the perfect redemption for having missed an easy one at the 33rd minute, which paved the way for Serge Gnabry’s second strike of the game.

GnR Or Nirvana? Kanye West Sparks Great Internet Debate

Kanye West has sparked a debate among rock fans on Twitter. “Guns n’ Roses or Nirvana?” was the question he asked that kept fans arguing all weekend long. Ye said both are his favorites and couldn’t pick just one, so he’s letting fans do all the talking. Unsurprisingly, things got a little intense. Apparently, Yeezy’s the only one who’s still on the fence. Everyone else seems to have made up their mind a long time ago.

Bombshell Photos Show Bill Clinton Enjoying Massage from Epstein Victim

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton is seen enjoying a massage from Jeffrey Epstein accuser Chauntae Davies in a series of never-before-seen photos obtained by The Daily Mail. One of the photographs showed Clinton dressed in a light yellow shirt and beige trousers, while Davies was working his shoulders while kneeling on a chair behind him. Davies, who has accused the dead ‘Filthy Rich’ Epstein of raping her numerous times, revealed that she was “shocked” upon seeing Clinton boarding Epstein’s infamous private jet during a humanitarian trip to Africa back in 2002.

Stocks Hit New Highs As S&P500 Wipes Out Pandemic Losses in Just Five Months

The benchmark S&P 500 closed at 3,389.78 points on Tuesday, marking a new record-high for the index and effectively gaining back everything it lost due to the coronavirus pandemic. According to Fox Business, better-than-expected earnings from the retail sector and strong housing data drove this surge in stocks. After sinking to bear market territory that bottomed out on March 23, the broadest measure on Wall Street completed a full turnaround, recuperating about 55 percent and sparking a brand new bull run, right smack in the middle of the world’s worst crisis in decades.

Internet Explorer, Exploring No More

To say that it’s the end of an era might just be the understatement of the year. The days of Internet Explorer bravely asking Microsoft users if they want to switch default browsers are coming to an end. In a statement, Microsoft explained that the Teams web app will no longer be available as of November 30. Furthermore, the remaining Microsoft 365 apps and services will no longer support the browser starting August 17, 2021. This latest nail on IE’s coffin is hammered down just seven months after the release of Chrome code-based Microsoft Edge.

Tesla-Sized Asteroid Almost Hit Earth Without Anyone Noticing

Over the weekend, an asteroid the size of a Tesla flew within 3,000 kilometers of the Earth, marking the nearest fly-by the planet has ever recorded. According to CTV News, the asteroid, which has been nicknamed ‘2020 QG’, would have been less than 3,000 kilometers above us at its closest brush with Earth -- lower than pretty much any other artificial satellites in orbit. Still, the biggest news of the day was the fact that scientists didn’t even know the asteroid was coming.

Messi Wants Out of Barcelona - Off to Man United?

An 8-2 quarterfinal loss in the Champions League couldn’t have felt good for anyone, but some FC Barcelona players are taking it worse than others. Lionel Messi, for one, wants out of the club. According to journalist Marco Bechler, the Argentine superstar doesn’t even want to wait until his contract with Barca expires next summer -- he wants to leave right now. Messi’s frustration is understandable: aside from the humiliating loss to Bayern Munich, Barcelona has gone trophy-less this season -- something that hasn’t happened to the club in more than a decade. The team stumbled early in Copa del Rey, before succumbing to Real Madrid in La Liga and once again suffering heartbreak in UCL.

Trump Joins TikTok Rival and Gets 1.2M Views For First Video

TikTok rival Triller has gained a new influencer, and it’s none other than U.S. President Donald Trump. “I’m a professional at technology,” Trump can be heard saying in his first-ever Triller video. “Nobody can do it like me. Nobody.” The account’s debut video has racked up over 4,000 followers for the new and verified account in just 24 hours. The video itself has nearly 1.2 million views as of press time. The creation of Trump’s Triller account on Saturday followed his release of an executive order giving TikTok parent ByteDance 90 days to either sell or spinoff its operations in the U.S. 

Popovich Applauds Move To Defund The Police

The San Antonio Spurs have missed out on the NBA Playoffs for the first time in 23 years. Coach Gregg Popovich obviously does not want to talk about it, so he’s going on yet another political rant instead. Donning the ‘Vote, Your Life Depends on It’ shirt he’s worn all throughout the Spurs’ bubble run, Popovich praised Austin’s efforts to slash the budget of its police department. When asked to explain his stance, Pop resorted to calling Trump a ‘racist.’ “I think that’s the key, very frankly,” he said, referring to moves to defund the police. “Obviously, nothing’s happening from the top. We have a president who is obviously racist by any measure, so the local grassroots politicians have to take the lead, and I’m thrilled at the notion of the two actions that have just been taken.”

Scientists Can Now Make Seawater Safe to Drink In Minutes

In a world that’s 71% water, it seems like a cruel, cosmic joke that millions die of thirst everyday. It is known that a billion people still don’t have access to safe, clean drinking water even with all these vast oceans of water just sitting idly around us. Scientists have been working for years to improve this ridiculous situation by trying to develop technology that makes brackish, highly-saline water safe to drink. Now, a technological breakthrough by scientists in Australia is emerging as the most promising one so far. By harnessing sunlight to purify seawater in just about 30 minutes, the PSP-MIL-53 is poised to be the cheapest, most stable, and reusable material that can make salt water potable.

Epic Games Portrays Apple As the Evil Tyrant In '1984' Parody Ad

Your move, Apple. Fortnite creator Epic Games has escalated its rift with tech titan Apple by releasing a parody of the latter’s iconic ‘1984’ ad. In the original version that introduced the original Macintosh, Apple was portrayed as the gritty underdog attempting to overthrow the Goliath of the time -- IBM. In place of the menacing Goliath speaking to minions through a black-and-white screen, Epic Game’s version depicts Apple as the Big Brother, while the hero is a Fortnite gamer who hurls a scepter at the screen.

Nick Cave Says Political Correctness Is ‘Unhappiest Religion In The World'

Nick Cave is worried that political correctness is quickly descending into something that closely resembles religious tyranny. In the olden days, people who had unpopular opinions and deviant beliefs that didn’t quite please the majority were publicly humiliated, stoned to death, or burned at the stake. Nowadays, they’re cancelled by the woke -- people who believe those who are unlike them do not deserve an opinion. In the latest edition of his newsletter ‘The Red Hand Files’, the Australian singer-songwriter said political correctness has become, “quite literally, bad religion run amuck.”

Akon Urges Black Americans To ‘Let Go’ Of The Past

For most of the developed world, slavery has been outlawed for more than a hundred years. International singer and humanitarian advocate Akon thinks this is reason enough for Black Americans to finally move past the bitter history. In an interview with VladTV, the West Africa-raised mogul said people from his country have completely liberated themselves from the inferiority complex bred by holding on too much to the past. “In Senegal, we’ve kind of overcome the thought of slavery, we don’t even think about it,” said the ‘Locked Up’ singer. “People have lived and moved way beyond the slavery concept idea and mind state.”

PSG Crushes Atalanta's Champions League Dream With Late Goals

Paris Saint-Germain troops to the Champions League semis for the first time in 25 years after staging a Cinderella win against Atalanta. For most of the evening, Mario Pasalic’s goal in the first half appeared to be everything Atalanta needed to deal another heartbreak for PSG on European club football’s largest stage. The Guardian reports that it took 90 minutes and at least £400M worth of talent for Thomas Tuchel’s boys to turn things around. First, Marquinhos equalized the game at injury time. Then, Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting, off the bench as a 79th-minute reinforcement, slid the winner less than 150 seconds after.

Florida Sheriff Bans Masks Just As His County Breaks New Death Toll

There’s a running gag on social media that involves googling the words ‘Florida man’ plus your birthday. Nine times out of ten, it will pull up a ludicrous headline like ‘Florida Man Asks Walmart Employee For ‘Anything That Would Kill 200 People’. A few years from now, a bored schoolboy might google ‘Florida Man’ + August 13, and pull this article right up. Only this time, it’s no ordinary man but a county sheriff making headlines for his antics. CNN reports that Sheriff Billy Woods has released marching orders that wearing of face masks will not be tolerated inside his office in Marion County.

Kamala Harris Supports Men Who Want To Dominate Women's Sports

In accepting Joe Biden’s invitation to be his running mate, California senator Kamala Harris made history by being the first Black woman to have her name on a majority party ticket. While feminists are undoubtedly excited to see a woman serve as the nation’s standard bearer for once, some are worrying that Harris might be on her way to the wrong side of history, after all. Looking back at her track record, one cannot look past her co-sponsorship of the Equality Act in March 2019. Among other things, the measure wants to force public schools to allow biological males to compete in female-only sports, as long as they identify as transgender bills.

Mask-Less Woman Choked By Victoria Police For Resisting Arrest

“Get off me. You’re choking me!” These chilling words could be heard echoing in a now-viral footage of Victoria Police violently arresting a 21-year-old Melbourne resident. ABC notes that the male police officer approached the civilian because she was not wearing a mask. However, the standard police accost turned violent when the male police officer held the woman around her neck before pinning her to the ground, as several other officers responded to the scene. Another video of the same incident ended up on Youtube. Here, the panicked woman can be heard yelling “Get off me!” as the male police officer sat on her torso.

Pheonix Rising to 5 and 0, Grizzlies Out

The Eastern Conference has locked in its cast for the postseason. Milwaukee has bagged the top seed, and the Bucks will be marching into the playoff field with Orlando, Brooklyn, Philadelphia, Indiana, Miami, Boston, and Toronto. Out west though, the playoff picture is still a little too blurred to call. The Lakers may have secured the top seed, but seeds 2-7 are still fair game so far. As pointed out by CBS Sports, Damian Lillard’s pair of missed charities down the wire in Portland’s loss against the Clippers is huge and potentially pivotal for the Trail Blazers. After the loss, Portland trails eighth-seeded Memphis, while holding on to the inside track on the 9th spot. The Suns are moving in to force a play-in, though. Phoenix has remained undefeated in the bubble, and has moved to 5-0 after defeating Miami on Saturday.

Seth Rogen Wants To Hire Fewer White People

Hollywood director and actor Seth Rogen wants in on the hottest trend of 2020: pandering to the overtly woke. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the ‘famous white guy’ was asked what he thought of general efforts to make the movie industry more inclusive. Rogen said he’s trying to get aboard the wokewagon -- by hiring fewer white people. “I mean personally, I think I am just actively trying to make less things starring white people,” Rogen said. “So that’s how I’ve been trying to deal with it, is just to actively take as they would say, anti-racist measures to assure that some work is doing done to acknowledge that Black people are very marginalized in American society.”

Episode 11: Neurotransmitters, Mindset, Biomechanics & Performance with Krystian Sarzynski

In this episode, Lucas invites Krystian Sarzynski, a high-performance coach, to go chat about some highly philosophical and deep topics around motivation, reward systems, mindset, biomechanics, posture and more. Krystian dove into the research on nutrition and optimal biomechanics at an early age, he did this out of desperation for finding answers to his many injuries… The injuries not only threatened his ability to achieve his dreams in soccer but also stripped him of his identity. As every professional he encountered was telling him that injuries are a normal part of being an explosive athlete, he stopped looking at what was common and began the search for what was possible.

Ren & Stimpy Show Reboot

Ready to be reunited with two of your childhood frenemies? Comedy Central has given its nod to a reboot of the Emmy-nominated ‘The Ren & Stimpy Show.’ under a new creative team. Happy, happy, joy, joy indeed. “We are excited to reinvent this iconic franchise with a new creative team and our partners at the Nickelodeon Animation Studio,” said Chris McCarthy, President of ViacomCBS Entertainment & Youth Group, in a statement released to Fox News.

Experts Say The Coronavirus Can No Longer Be Contained

If there was ever a time that the coronavirus could have been contained, it has long passed. If there was ever a time that the coronavirus could have been contained, it has long passed. David Nabarro, special envoy to the World Health Organization, told BBC that COVID-19 is capable of “Surging back really quickly” and has a tendency to return “all the time.” It might be high time to prepare for an entire lifetime dodging an invisible enemy until experts finally develop a vaccine strong enough to shield us all. Even then, a vaccine might be able to weaken, but never completely eradicate the coronavirus.

The Rock, Ex-Wife Buy Bankrupt XFL for $15 Million

The XFL football league is finally getting a white knight -- in the form of The Rock. CNN Business reports that Dwayne Johnson is part of the team who will try to breathe life back into the beleaguered franchise, which had filed for bankruptcy this year, making him the latest WWE personality to take a shot at the league. Vince McMahon tried to revive the league twice to give the NFL a run for its money, but he failed both times. Along with his ex-wife-slash-business partner Dany Garcia and investment firm RedBird Capital, The Rock is confident he’ll have much more luck after buying the league for approximately $15 million.

NFL Star Condemns Leagues For Supporting BLM

On Sunday, protesters took to the streets of Portland to burn Bibles, crosses, and the American flag in a blaze they set in front of a federal courthouse. According to the New York Post, tensions have been rising in the city between federal agents and Black Lives Matter protesters for weeks. After last week’s ‘bonfire,’ though, former Heisman Trophy winner turned NFL star Herschel Walker has seen enough. “For the first time in a long time, I stopped in the middle of my workout because last night I saw something that really, really disturbed me,” he told the Daily Wire.

The New 'Bill & Ted' Movie is Here...Excellent!

Leave it to two time-travelers to release another adventure 29 years after their last. Finally, the third ‘Bill & Ted’ movie is headed to its digital release. According to Music Feeds, ‘Bill and Ted Face the Music’ will be released on demand and in theaters on September 1st. It was originally slated to be released in theaters on August 21 but with COVID-19 still getting in the way of our plans, Orion Pictures had to settle to a later date. Set 30 years after the events in ‘Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey,’ film leads Alex Winter (Bill) and Keanu Reeves (Ted) will have adorable reinforcements this time, including their daughters (played by Brigette Lundy-Paine and Samara Weaving). 

Microsoft Still Interested in Buying TikTok

Microsoft is not ready to give up on TikTok just yet. In a statement, the tech giant said it is willing to continue discussions with U.S. President Donald Trump and ByteDance, TikTok’s parent company, to strike an acquisition deal that will make everybody happy. By taking over TikTok operations in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, Microsoft hopes to allay government fears that the app might be leaking sensitive personal and federal data to its Chinese owners. CNN notes that the move to ban TikTok comes amid burgeoning tensions between Beijing and Washinton over a number of issues, including national security concerns, trade disputes, and both nations’ approach to containing the coronavirus outbreak.

Arsenal Lift the FA Cup

Two goals from Arsenal talisman Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang did it for the Gunners. Chelsea drew first blood within five minutes of the contest, thanks to Christian Pulisic, but Aubameyang will not be denied his ticket to next season’s European League. He leveled it for Arsenal with a picture-perfect finish from the penalty spot in the 28th minute, shortly after he was taken down by opposing captain Cesar Azpilicueta. The Gabon striker then danced past his defenders in the 67th minute and let his left foot break the tie. Just like that, Aubameyang successfully redeemed Arsenal from a difficult eighth-place finish in the Premier League.

The Sopranos Writers Working On New Mafia Drama

Veterans of the highly prestigious mob genre are not done yet. ‘The Sopranos’ producer Terence Winter and ‘Goodfellas’ screenwriter Nicholas Pileggi are coming together to give us an offer we could not refuse: another drama revolving around mobsters and crime in America. Showtime confirmed to Deadline that it is developing the hour-long drama, which is inspired “by Pileggi’s in-depth chronology of organized crime in America -- as seen through the eyes of the mafia’s First Family.” Although Showtime has yet to release any significant details about the drama, the still-untitled work of art is generating a lot of buzz, thanks in no small part to the creative genius of Winter an Pileggi. 

Alyssa Milano Offended That Joe Rogan Is More Popular Than Her

Alyssa Milano is flabbergasted that more people are listening to Joe Rogan’s podcast than hers. “We live in a world WHERE JOE ROGAN’s PODCAST HAS TRIPLE THE LISTENERS AS MINE!! Dear god,” Milano wrote on Twitter. There are two possible reasons the ‘Sorry Not Sorry’ host chose to share her highly unpopular opinion for the entire Twitterverse to feast on. Either it was a clever marketing attempt to let people know she has a podcast, or Milano genuinely has zero clue why she doesn’t have the same following as Rogan.

Wacken Open Air Launches Biggest Mixed Reality Concert Of All Time

Nope, Wacken Open Air is not canceled this year. Apparently, the coronavirus has not ruined everything we hold dear. In fact, it has paved the way for metalheads worldwide to take part in what could be the biggest Wacken festival of all time. “If fans can’t come to Wacken this year, we have to come to the fans.” These were the reassuring words of co-founder Thomas Jensen at yesterday’s kick-off presentation for Wacken World Wide 2020, which runs until August 1st. The breathtaking opening event gave us a glimpse of what we can expect for this year’s virtual Wacken experience.

Startup Funding On The Rise Despite Pandemic

Venture capital (VC) investments are weathering the pandemic well, with over 4,000 closed deals in the second quarter totalling US$63 billion in value. This is almost equal to the total investments that flowed in during the first quarter and just a tad lower than 2Q 2019 figures, which stood at $69.8 billion. Mirage News reports that investments in Australia’s start-ups attracted new highs during the first half of 2020. That’s to the tune of US$944.7 million, from just about $627 million during the same period in 2019.

Congress Grills The World's Most Powerful CEOs

How do you get Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Sundar Pichai, and Tim Cook in one room? Put them on a congressional hot bench, of course. On Wednesday, chief executives of the world’s four biggest tech firms, which coincidentally include two of the planet’s wealthiest people, will defend their businesses before Congress. According to NPR, all they have to do is answer one simple burning question: Do you use your company’s reach and power to help yourselves while hurting your consumers and competitors?

Cure What Ails You With BPC-157?

But perhaps what we don’t divine intervention, perhaps what we need is BPC-157.

Googlers To Work Remotely Until July 2021

This is not the tech disruption we were hoping for. Expecting the virus threat to linger a little longer, Google told CBS MoneyWatch that it will allow employees to work from home for at least another year. “To give employees the ability to plan ahead, we’ll be extending our global voluntary work from home option through June 30, 2021 for roles that don’t need to be in the office,” CEO Sundar Pichai wrote in a memo to Google employees. “I hope this will offer the flexibility you need to balance work with taking care of yourselves and your loved ones over the next 12 months.”

WNBA Players Walk Out on Anthem

While other pro athletes are taking the knee at the start of their games, WNBA players walked out even before a single note of the national anthem could be played. Ballers from both the New York Liberty and Seattle Storm trooped back to the locker rooms where they held a brief moment of silence for Breonna Taylor, to whom they are dedicating this season. Taylor, a 26-year-old Afrian American emergency medical technician, was fatally shot by Louisville police in her own home in March. More than four months have passed since the unfortunate, middle-of-the-night raid, but justice has been elusive. Not one of the policemen who ‘miscalculated’ their moves that night have been formally charged, let alone convicted.

Mike Ditka to Kneeling Players: 'Get The Hell Out Of The Country'

Societal pressure just doesn’t work for someone like Mike Ditka. The NFL Hall of Famer and Pitt Panther told TMZ Sports that he will not tolerate players of his X League (previously the Legends Football League) kneeling for the national anthem. “If you can’t respect our national anthem, get the hell out of our country.” the Carnegie native said. “That’s the way I feel. Of course, I’m old-fashioned, so I’m only going to say what I feel. ”The gesture of taking a knee during the national anthem before athletic games picked up steam in 2016 when then-49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick kneeled to protest racial injustice and police brutality against people of color. However, the 80-year-old Ditka never warmed up to the idea.

Juventus Won The Serie A Title, So Why Is Ronaldo in Trouble?

Juventus have won their ninth consecutive Serie A crown with two games to spare. The Old Lady outplayed Sampdoria 2-0 to escape a title race against their closest rivals, Inter Milan. Earlier, The Mirror reports that Internazionale upped the ante on Juve with a 3-0 victory over Genoa. Of course, Cristiano Ronaldo had other plans. The superstar opened the scoring for Bianconeri by striking a cross from Miralem Pjanic, which found a neat spot on the bottom corner of the box. Frederico Bernardeschi then sealed the deal with a second goal in the 67th minute. Just like that, Juventus is on the cusp of achieving something no other team has done before -- a 10th straight title.

Mike Tyson to Fight Roy Jones Jr

“I. AM. BACK.” 54-year-old Mike Tyson needed no more than these three words to send his fans into a frenzy and all hyped up for September 12th. Yes, ‘Iron Mike’ is coming out of retirement for an eight-round exhibition at the Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson, California. It’s been 15 years since Tyson’s otherwise impressive career came to a halt with Kevin McBride exhausting all the fight out of him in six rounds.

U.S. Senate Committee Agrees To Ban Tiktok On Federal Devices

Federal employees may soon have to find new ways to pass the time aside from dancing along to Charli D’amelio and lip syncing to Jojo Siwa’s songs. This as U.S. lawmakers take a step closer to banning the use of Tiktok on government-issued devices. According to The Wire, Senator Josh Hawley’s ‘No Tiktok on Government Devices Act’ is now up for an en banc vote after the Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs unanimously nodded on the measure.

Liverpool Lifts Premier League Trophy For First Time In 30 years

Thirty years of heartbreaks, close calls, and a slew of mid-table finishes have led to this historic moment: Liverpool lifting the Premier League trophy as fireworks painted the sky red at Anfield.

AI Breakthrough: Machines Now Learning At Speed Of Light

What if machines could process large amounts of data with the same amount of time it takes for light to travel? That would be awesome, right?

Trader Joe's Cancelled For Trying To Be Inclusive

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. This seems to be the way with modern-day radicals who have begun cancelling companies for actually trying to promote racial inclusivity and multiculturalism. 

LeBron Rookie Card Sold For Record-Breaking US$1.85M

LeBron James has set another monster record. This time, it’s not for points made or championships won, but for rookie card value. According to the NBA, LBJ’s 2003-2004 Upper Deck rookie card was sold at auction for $1.845 million.

Nike's Grateful Dead Sneakers Are Here

Nike’s new line of sneakers is not for everyone. For fans of ‘The Grateful Dead’ though, these are everything.

No One Is Safe: Major US Twitter Accounts Hacked

If a Twitter account with five followers and a generic profile picture tweeted this, nobody would pay it any mind, and it would have been a largely unsuccessful scam.

NBA Allows 'Defund Police' On Jerseys But Not 'Free Hong Kong'

Apparently, the NBA will let you print any of these statements on an official jersey, but it will not let you wear one that says ‘Free Hong Kong.’ NBA fans looking to get their own custom jerseys with progressive slogans on the back were slapped with a sobering truth: the league is not as militant as it would have us believe.

UFC: Usman, Volkanovski Conquer Opponents at UFC251

Welterweight champion Kamaru Usman and featherweight champ Alexander Volkanovski both defended their UFC titles successfully, but not without challenge.

Bari Weiss Exits New York Times Over 'Bullying' From Far Left and Cancel Culture

The latest victim is New York Times opinion writer Bari Weiss, who announced her resignation from the newspaper in a lengthy note that didn’t leave us guessing the reason for her decision. 

Charles Barkley: Social Justice Turning Sports Into a Circus

Sports leagues in the U.S. are currently engaged in a battle tobcome the most ‘woke.’ According to The Blaze, the NBA has allowed players to showcase social justice messages like ‘Black Lives Matter,’ ‘Equality,’ or ‘How Many More?’ on the back of their jerseys once the season resumes.

NFL: Washington To Retire Redskins Brand

Washington is dropping the iconic team name ‘Redskins,’ according to a report by The Denver Post. After decades of downplaying criticism over the name, which is widely considered a derogatory slur for Native Americans, owner Daniel Snyder succumbed and assured NFL fans that the team will be announcing its new name soon.

Eminem, Kid Cudi Spark Heated Debate in New Song

‘The Adventures of Moon Man & Slim Shady’ may only be four minutes, 25 seconds long, but it touches upon myriad of social issues that could ruffle thousands of feathers. Well, that’s just Slim Shady for you.

Snowboarder Alex 'Chumpy' Pullin Mourned By Thousands

Yesterday was a terrible day for cold-weather sports. When lifeguards and ambulance officers got to Alex ‘Chumpy’ Pullin, it was already too late.

Elon Musk Reconsiders Kanye Support

Independent reports that the Tesla CEO is now reconsidering his support for West’s presidential dreams, 72 hours after he proclaimed his “full support” for the latter’s #2020VISION. 

JK Rowling Strikes Back with Open Letter against Cancel Culture

Cancel culture doesn’t provide any space for innocent until proven guilty. Evidence and the right to a fair trial fall victim to the mob, which plays judge, jury, and executioner on Twitter.

Six New Sneakers Dropping This Week

Find out everything you need to know about this weekend's biggerst sneaker releases from Adidas to Nike.

Kanye on Running for President and No Longer Supporting Trump

This is not a drill. Kanye West dropped bomb after bomb in the course of a four-hour interview with Forbes on Wednesday.

How To Increase Your Dopamine and Motivation

Have you ever felt an intense lack of motivation or enthusiasm over things that used to excite you? You might be experiencing low levels of dopamine in the brain.

Lewis Hamilton Defends F1 Racers Refusing to Take a Knee

Clad in a statement shirt with ‘Black Lives Matter’ on the front, Formula One racer Lewis Hamilton took a knee ahead of the season-opening Austrian Grand Prix.

Woke Twitter Cancels J.K. Rowling for The Nth Time

There was a time when people disagreed through civil conversation, either side arguing with facts and not emotions, trying to make the other see the logic in their position. When they couldn’t sway one way, they would agree to disagree, and be on their separate ways.

Kanye For 2020 President?

One tweet from Kanye West caused millions of Twitter users to check their calendars yesterday. It was Independence Day in the U.S., but the rapper’s announcement seemed to be more fitting for April Fool’s.

Crystal Palace Rejects Hi-Jacked BLM Movement

Sports organisations are currently in the middle of a dilemma. On one hand, there is strong pressure from players, teams, and fans to support the Black Lives Matter movement.

10 Sleep Hacks to Live Better

Have you ever fantasized about starting a restful weekend by sleeping in and starting your Saturday at noon, only to wake up before the sun is even up -- without the need for any alarms?

Tesla Tops Toyota: The World’s Most Valuable Automaker

On Wednesday, Tesla shares soared 3.5% within the trading day. While that figure doesn’t appear to be too big, it must have made Tesla CEO Elon Musk feel like he’s on top of the world.

China Warns of New Virus That Could Spark Fresh Pandemic

As if the coronavirus is not enough cause for global concern right now, Chinese scientists are calling attention to a new flu virus that could trigger yet another pandemic.

Cirque du Soleil Bankrupt

World-renowned circus producer Cirque du Soleil is the pandemic’s latest cultural casualty. The Canada-based entertainment company has filed for bankruptcy protection as it attempts to stick a decent landing while hurdling the ongoing health crisis.

COVID-19 Cases Surge in Melbourne, Australia

Victoria welcomed this month by easing restrictions. Authorities allowed restaurants to serve 20 dine-in patrons at a time. Pubs and museums reopened. Gyms and cinemas were poised to resume operations next.

5 Ways Taurine Will Make You Superhuman

By the time I finished the second episode of Lucas Aoun’s Boost Your Biology podcast, I had become a huge fan of a very underrated amino acid called L-Taurine.

Facebook Just Lost $7.2 Billion Due to Ad Boycott

Dozens of companies have pulled out millions of dollars-worth of ads from Facebook’s network in an effort to pressure the platform to crack down on misinformation and hate speech.

Black Americans Protect the Lincoln Emancipation Memorial

The wake of George Floyd’s death under police custody has not been kind to monuments that celebrate the lives of people who once owned slaves.

NBA Returns with a Doubleheader on July 30

It’s official. On July 30, the NBA will snap its almost four-month hiatus with a doubleheader featuring a Utah Jazz vs. New Orleans Pelicans match-up and a highlight duel between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Los Angeles Clippers.

Liverpool's Breakthrough Win: How is the World Celebrating?

The 30-year drought has finally come to an end. Liverpool has clinched its historic league title, and not even a global pandemic could have stopped them.