Episode #324: Productivity with Mike Vardy

Mike Vardy is an author, speaker, and productivity and time management strategist.

He’s the founder of Productivityist, and the company's mission is to help people stop 'doing' productive and start 'being' productive through a variety of online and offline resources.

He is the author of "The Front Nine: How to Start the Year You Want Anytime You Want” and most recently "The Productivityist Playbook."

He has served in an editorial capacity for The Next Web and is a contributor to The Huffington Post, GTD Times, 99u, Lifehacker, and SUCCESS Magazine.

Expect to learn a number of techniques that you can begin to apply today to see an immediate impact on your own productivitiy, including:

1 - how to avoid the hefty cost of task-switching by batching tasks on your calendar

2 - why frameworks give you freedom; and

3 - techniques for letting technology be your slave, rather than your master

With that, enjoy my conversation with the productivityist, Mike Vardy.

Topics Discussed:

  • Mike’s purpose
  • What ‘productivity’ actually means
  • Batching tasks
  • Avoiding the cognitive switching penalty
  • Frameworks
  • The psychology of flow
  • Asynchronous communication
  • Inbox zero
  • Meetings
  • Digital minimalism
  • Prioritisation

Show Notes:

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  • Productivityist: productivityist.com
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March 9, 2019




Steve Glaveski

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