Episode #338: Live an Optimised Life with Steve Brophy

Steve Brophy is a passionate and innovative educator with 17 years of experience both locally and internationally in K-12 schools. In his role as the Director of ICT & eLearning at Ivanhoe Grammar School, Steve is responsible for overseeing the digital strategy and development of the school. Steve was recipient of the 2017 Digital Learning and Teaching Victoria (DLTV) Outstanding Leader of the year award. He is the co-host of the TeachTechPlay web-show, organiser of the TeachTechPlay conference and co-host of the Design and Play podcast.

Steve is also the founder of Thrive Capacity, which offers peak performance coaching for individuals and businesses on focus, productivity, habits, and flow, and he recently returned from a week away in San Jose’s Redwoods with Jamie Wheal of the Flow Genome Project, so he was primed and ready to deep dive into this thing called flow and unpack (1) why flow is fundamental to living an optimised life and reaching self-actualisation, (2) what the many barriers to flow are in our day to day lives, and (3) how we can get to and spend more time in flow.

We geeked out so much in this episode, so much so that after I had officially signed off on the episode, Steve and I kept chatting about flow for another 10 minutes. Fortunately, I kept recording, so I decided to bring you those ‘off-air’ takes as well.

With that, please enjoy my conversation with Steve Brophy.

Topics Discussed:

  • What is flow
  • Why flow matters
  • Why willpower isn’t enough
  • Michael Jordan and Larry Bird
  • Create an environment to get you into flow
  • What surfing and motorbikes have to do with flow
  • Cognitive load
  • The neuroscience behind flow
  • How to build habits
  • The power of momentum
  • The challenge skill gap
  • The value of high consequences
  • Why rapid feedback is key to flow
  • How flow can leave us feeling more fulfilled and content
  • The impact of sleep on creativity, memory and mood
  • How organisations sabotage flow
  • The value of spaced repetition

Show Notes:


May 4, 2019




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