Episode #40: Fast Fix Friday on Lean Marketing

It’s no longer enough to shout marketing slogans from the rooftops and expect people to buy your products. Today’s customers are smarter than ever thanks to the transparency and power that has come with the internet. 

The world is moving faster than ever thanks to the emergence of disruptive technologies and businesses are facing increasing volatility and uncertainty. As such, marketing campaigns need to truly speak to customer desires and be adaptable enough to move in step with the changing landscape and buyer behaviours.

Traditional, long-term, above the line marketing campaigns are now mostly the domain of few industry behemoths - the rest of us need to be a little more targeted and intentional with our marketing but with so many potential marketing channels to choose from, where does one even begin?

The lean startup is a method popularised by Eric Ries’ book of the same name and is widely used by startups and more recently, large companies, to quickly test market appetite for new products by using low fidelity prototypes to rapidly experiment and validate or invalidate key assumptions underpinning a business idea. “Speed is fundamental to success” says Ries. Fortunately, this approach can be adopted for marketing campaigns too.

In this episode I talk through 8 steps detailing how to pull off your own lean marketing strategy to find new customers for new products.


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July 7, 2016




Steve Glaveski

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