Joe Rogan Makes Spotify Debut Without His Most Controversial Episodes

The Joe Rogan Experience has pranced over to Spotify, but fans were disappointed to find out that not all of Rogan’s episodes made the cut. 

Notably, the episodes that were considered fan favorites were missing from the newly-released Spotify channel. As listed down by Entertainment Weekly, interviews with far-right personalities Owen Benjamin, Gavin McInnes, Charles C. Johnson, And Milo Yiannopoulos, among others, have not migrated to Spotify.

The same goes for episodes that had conspiracy theorists David Seaman and Alex Jones as guests. 

Likewise, one of the earliest controversial episodes where usual suspect Joey Diaz infamously jabbed about coercing female comics into performing blow jobs.

Massive Win For Spotify

Mikhaila Peterson, daughter of popular academic and public speaker Jordan Peterson, criticized the exclusion of several JRE episodes, including her own. 

This puts a strain on Joe Rogan’s partnership with Spotify, which, until this point, was considered a massive win for the streaming platform.

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According to reports, Spotify shelled out more than $100 million to get exclusive rights the world-class podcaster’s output. The company’s stock price soared by almost 100% since the deal was confirmed.

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Clarification from Alex Jones

Worry not, says Alex Jones, since the great JRE migration is not yet over. In fact, Spotify is already planning its second batch of releases, including the two episodes with Jones sitting as guest.

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“Here’s the key,” Jones explained to Info Wars.  “Joe Rogan’s favorite 100 episodes of the last 10 years or so will be left on YouTube starting December 31 when he goes exclusively to Spotify. For this couple months no man’s land the content will be on both platforms and will be migrating over.”

“And so that’s why the Alex Jones interview is not there. That’s why some of the other interviews are not there, because those are going to be the exclusive interviews that are left on YouTube where, in Joe’s words, they’ll probably get more views than if they were on Spotify.”

Jones had the good sense to directly ask Rogan if his content is being censored or curated by Spotify, To which, Rogan replied: “Absolutely not.”

September 3, 2020




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