BLM Takes Centerstage in New Public Enemy Video

31 years ago, Public Enemy released ‘Fight The Power,’ a track that quickly became an anthem for the anti-establishment movement. 

Fast forward to the year 2020, and the hip-hop band just came out with a new video and proved that the anthem remains as relevant as it was in 1989, amid the social unrest sparked by police-civilian hostility.

Variety reports that the updated track actually made its debut at the opening of the BET Awards in June. However, the new music video gave the iconic song a fresh texture as it featured the group performing while footage and images from recent protests play in the reel.

What You Gonna Do?

Originally released as part of the OST in the Spike Lee film ‘Do The Right Thing,’ ‘Fight The Power’ will be the first single from the band’s upcoming album, ‘What You Gonna Do When the Grid Goes Down.’

Fox News reports that the EP will debut via Def Jam, the first home of Public Enemy, on September 25.

“Cultural Institutions are important. Being an integral part of one is an honor bestowed and to uphold,” said Chuck D. “Public Enemy songs are forever sonic prints in the sands of time. And it’s time -- it’s necessary -- to bring the noise again from a place called home.”

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Aside from racially-charged clips from recent protests and clashes, ‘Fight The Power’ features guest verses and appearances from artists like Jahi, Nas, YG, Rapsody, Black Thought, and Questlove.

Inspiration Springs Eternal

Aside from this star-studded cast and political relevance, what could be drawing people to fall in love with the song all over again?

Pitchfork explains it quite well:

“Inspired by the Isley Brothers’ 1975 funk number’“Fight the Power (Pt. 1 & 2),’ Public Enemy built their version into a supercut of Black style and power. Blending funk, soul, and rap, the song explodes with textures, from its delirious thicket of rhythms to its manic scratches to Chuck D’s furious poise. Yet it’s also perfectly clarion, condensing all that chaos into a lucid missive: Fight the fucking powers that be. It’s a jam and a war cry.”

Come September 25, more jams and war cries are coming.
For now, pre-game with Fight The Power 2020.

September 4, 2020




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