“My First Night I Got Zero Laughs”: Dave Hughes Relives His Early Stand-up Career

Dave ‘Hughesy’ Hughes is one of the most well-known personalities in Australia. After making his name on the stand-up circuit, he has since ventured onto radio and TV, most recently on Australia's version of The Masked Singer. However, it hasn't all smooth sailing for Hughesy as he has faced his fair share of challenges to get to where he is today. Hughesy joined Andrew Gaze and Lanard Copeland on The Alley-Oop Show to share some of his stories.

Hughesy left Victoria and headed to WA at the age of 22 to start his comedy career. “I moved to Perth basically to start stand-up comedy so far away from anyone i knew, it would take a long time for the embarrassment to get back to my home town,” Hughesy told Gaze and Copeland.

His first stand-up show in Perth did not go according to plan. “My first night I got zero laughs. My first routine was about being mocked at school. No one laughed at this little nightclub in Perth when I did it. As I’m walking off stage to complete silence all I heard was some bloke...'they were right to tease you at school'”.

When asked what he preferred the most between stand-up, TV and radio - Hughesy left no doubt with his answer. “Stand up comedy 100% is the main game for me. I haven’t been able to do it since the pandemic started. Having a crowd in front of you, you look in their eyes and you see if they are loving you or hating you, that’s the thrill."

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Many performers tend to watch video of themselves to see how they can improve their craft. Hughesy told the NBL legends that he doesn;t watch himself enough, “I always try to avoid myself but when I do catch myself I'm generally impressed. You know what, you are pretty good. Im my own biggest cheer-squad.”

Hughesy covers so much more during his interview, including:

- His sporting career growing up. 

- His best mate getting punched by Mark Seymour from Hunters and Collectors

- His time hanging out with Lindsay Lohan and Nazeem Hussain

- Peeing in Lindsay Lohan’s bathroom

- His dream of becoming a movie star

- His beef with Kyle Sandilands

You can listen to the full interview here.

September 25, 2020




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“My First Night I Got Zero Laughs”: Dave Hughes Relives His Early Stand-up Career

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