Weekly NBA Wrap: Championship Edition

It’s a wrap! After a gruelling 355 days, the Los Angeles Lakers are the NBA champions in one of the most challenging season in history. They add their 17th championship and now equal the Celtics for the most by any NBA franchise.

Here’s your special championship edition of the Weekly NBA Wrap.

Lebron’s Inches Closer to Greatness

After helping the Lakers win the championship, Lebron James now has four finals MVPs to go with his four regular season MVPs. He joins only one other player to have four or more of each award. That player is none other than Michael Jordan. 

While Jordan won all his finals MVPs with the Chicago Bulls, Lebron is the first player in NBA history to win the award with three different franchises. There is no doubting who his coach Frank Vogel thinks is the GOAT, "He's the greatest player the basketball universe has ever seen ... if you think you know, you don't know."

Lebron let off some steam after the game and let everyone listening know that he wants some more respect for what he has achieved. Looks like every championship Lebron wins he silences some of his haters.

Miami Season Comes Crashing Down

Looks like game five took it out of Miami, as they did not fire a shot in game six and let the Lakers absolutely dominate the contest.

Jimmy Butler was a shadow of himself (only scoring 12 points) and Tyler Herro couldn’t buy a bucket. Herro even air-balled a 5 foot shot and the reaction of the Lakers bench was priceless.

The Heat are built to compete next year and beyond with their young team and salarycap space too.

Can they get a star next year and go one step further?

Drunk Kyle Kuzma

We talked about Kyle Kuzma last week after a group of Lakers fans decided to setup a petition to stop Kuzma from getting a champsionship ring if they Lakers won. Well, the Lakers won the championship and Kuzma got his ring. Kuzma turned to alcohol following the game to celebrate and turned up semi drunk to his post game interview and he even let the reporters know. 

Looks like you can get away with pretty much anything after you win a championship.

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Better Late Than Never

Dwight Howard has had an up and down career. He was one of the best players in the NBA when he was dominating at Orlando and then he decided to jump ship in 2012 to join the LA Lakers. This was pretty much when his career took a turn in the wrong direction and he transformed into a journey man for the next 7 years. Arriving back in Los Angeles this season, this was a redemption year for Howard. The eight time All-Star has now joined players like Jason Kidd and Gary Payton to win a championship towards the end of their career.

He got a bit emotional after the game on social media.

JR Smith Is The Real MVP

JR Smith did not log a minute in the final game of the series, but he had some of the most memorable moments of the day. Firstly, his shirt was already off before the game was over!

Shirtless JR appears to have made an impact on his younger teamates with his veteran leadership.

When the championship trophy was presented to the Lakers it was none other than JR Smith to touch it first.

Never change JR. Never change.

October 13, 2020




Shay Namdarian


Weekly NBA Wrap: Championship Edition

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