Weekly NBA Wrap: 9 October 2020

The NBA bubble experiment is nearly over and what a success it has been. However, it appears players, coaches and officials are ready to get out soon. The Lakers are up 3-1 and in the box seat to take home the championship. Out of the 35 teams that have been up 3-1 in an NBA finals series, only one has gone on to lose the championship. Who was that one team? It was the Golden State Warriors who lost to none other than a Cleveland team led by Lebron James.

Here’s your Weekly NBA Wrap.

Butler Played Better When He Was 17

Jimmy Butler had the performance of his career in game three of the finals. His stat line read 40 points, 13 assists and 11 rebounds. The crazy thing about his 40 point outing was that he did so without even hitting a three pointer. After the game he joined only two other players to have ever had a 40 point triple double in the finals -Jerry West and Lebron James.

However, the man himself doesn't agree that this was his finest outing. Turns out he was at his peak at 17 years old when he was beating 45 year old men.

No Ring For You

The weekly wrap has shown us time and time again that the internet can be ruthless! It was taken to the next level recently when a Lakers fan  created a petition that stated if the Lakers win the title, they shouldnt give a ring to Kyle Kuzma. The 25 year old has struggled to live up to expectations this year, after he was touted as the third star behind Lebron and Davis. Clearly some fans are fed up.

With over 5000 signatures, looks like he isn't the only one that wants Kuzma to remain ringless.

Kyrie Being Kyrie

Kyrie Irving isn't in the playoffs but he continues to make headlines for all the wrong reasons. First he said the world was flat and then he caused chemistry issues when at the Celtics. Now, Irving is calling out ex-teammate Lebron James. While appearing on The ETCs, Kevin Durant's new podcast, Irving made it clear that he was the best option in the clutch on every past eam he was on. Now that he is paying with KD, he is happy for KD to be taking the last shot. Sounds like a dig at Lebron James to me. Take a listen below and you be the judge.

During the interview, Irving also had some weird things to say about his new coach Steve Nash. "I don't really see us having a head coach. KD could be a head coach, I could be a head coach [some days]."

What on (flat) earth are you talking about Kyrie?

Sounds like Kyrie stirring the pot.....again.

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Doc Moves To Philly

We wrote last week about Doc Rivers getting fired from the Clippers. Well, one week later and we are talking about him being the new head coach of the Philadelphia 76ers. After signing a five year contract, the biggest challenge for Rivers will be how he can get the most out of their two stars, Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons. "They’ve won 65% of the games they’ve played in. So it clearly works when they play together.” Doc Rivers said about Embiid and Simmons.

Embiid is on board with the hiring, tweeting his approval straight after the new was announced.


After game three, Charles Barkley came out swinging on the Lakers supporting cast. We all know that Lebron James and Anthony Davis are superstars but Barkley isn’t too impressed with the remainder of the squad. Barkley went as far as calling the the rest of the team JAGs. What is a JAG? 

Just Another Guy.

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope had other thoughts and hit some clutch baskets in helping the Lakers win game four. Maybe these JAGs will be enough to help Lebron and Davis win a championship.

October 9, 2020




Shay Namdarian


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Weekly NBA Wrap: 9 October 2020

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