Alyssa Milano Offended That Joe Rogan Is More Popular Than Her

Alyssa Milano is flabbergasted that more people are listening to Joe Rogan’s podcast than hers.

“We live in a world WHERE JOE ROGAN’s PODCAST HAS TRIPLE THE LISTENERS AS MINE!! Dear god,” Milano wrote on Twitter.

There are two possible reasons the ‘Sorry Not Sorry’ host chose to share her highly unpopular opinion for the entire Twitterverse to feast on. Either it was a clever marketing attempt to let people know she has a podcast, or Milano genuinely has zero clue why she doesn’t have the same following as Rogan.

If it’s the former, then props to Milano for trying. Rogan’s highly experiential episode with Post Malone is still making headlines, and anyone would be thirsty to share some of that glory. If it’s the latter, though, people were more than happy to educate her.

The Comparison Milano Asked For

So why do we live in a world where Joe Rogan’s podcast has at least triple Milano’s listeners?

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For starters, the ‘Joe Rogan Experience’ debuted in 2009, a full decade before Milano launched her own show. Also, Rogan is a UFC commentator, comedian, and former ‘Fear Factor’ host who gets artists, politicians, scientists, and other interesting personalities on his massively popular show. On the other hand, Milano is often solely focused on getting people on the left side of the spectrum to smear dirt on Trump’s government.

While we’re at it, some Twitter users are not buying Milano’s claim that her podcast is just a tad less popular than Rogan’s. Based on all objective measures, it’s at least one hundred times less popular...and that’s being very generous. 

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Entertainment Still Apolitical

On the off chance that Milano’s whining is nothing but a social experiment to see why her podcast is not resonating with her target audience, well, she got all the answers she needed, regardless of the mockery she endured.

“Wow I can't believe an interesting podcast has more listeners than the Screechy McWhinesalot Cry-About-Trump Power Hour,” podcaster Noam Blum tweeted.

Even liberal activists need their entertainment, and Rogan simply provides a lot more of that.

As Sam Malone put it: “I’m as left as they come, and I listen to every joe rogan episode. Why? Because he has a wide range of interviews and topics and discusses them rationally. It is often the only place I can hear differing viewpoints in a long form way that goes beyond talking points.

July 31, 2020




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