Episode #251: The Everything Episode

In this funisode of Future Squared, I welcome back into the fold my colleagues Sean and Shay to talk about, well...everything we wanted to.

Namely, we explored, or ranted rather, about:

  • End of Financial Year shenanigans
  • Political correctness and the intellectual dark web
  • The problem with labels and putting things into neatly demarcated buckets
  • Phone addiction and the impact on humanity
  • The Charter Hall PropTech Accelerator and Village Xperience Accelerator
  • World Cup 2018 and Floptus Sport
  • Our new Nitro coffee tap
  • GDPR and Privacy
  • People being “busy" but not really
  • UBER's win in London and Rydo
  • ICOs and Cryptocurrency
  • Sensory deprivation tanks
  • My forthcoming book
  • New ebooks we’ve published
  • AI and existentialism
  • Standup comedy

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June 29, 2018




Steve Glaveski

Future Squared


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