GnR Or Nirvana? Kanye West Sparks Great Internet Debate

Kanye West has sparked a debate among rock fans on Twitter.

“Guns n’ Roses or Nirvana?” was the question he asked that kept fans arguing all weekend long. Ye said both are his favorites and couldn’t pick just one, so he’s letting fans do all the talking.

Unsurprisingly, things got a little intense. Apparently, Yeezy’s the only one who’s still on the fence. Everyone else seems to have made up their mind a long time ago.

You Know You’re Right

One Kurt Cobain fan thought his choice didn’t even need an explanation. 

He simply replied: “Nirvana. Hands down.”

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Another one put up the iconic “Not even close...bud” GIF along with the caption: “Nirvana by a VERY wide margin.”

Some fans got a bit emotional while reminiscing their childhood listening to hits like ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit,’ ‘Come As You Are’ and ‘Heart-Shaped Box.’

“I was only four when Kurt died but I am so grateful that my older brother introduced me to them,” said one user.

“Guns N Roses are a radio band. Nirvana was a movement,” explained another. “And GNR’s lyrics have nothing on Nirvana’s. Kurt touched on the darkest parts of the human condition through the lens of his life as an outcast. I urge anyone here to really dive into his history and their catalog.”

Welcome To The Jungle

On the other side of the fence, GNR fans are not letting Nirvana faithfuls get away with saying that Kurt Cobain wrote the best lyrics:

Another one pointed out that although Nirvana deserves the praise, they only got to where they went because Guns N Roses paved the way:

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“Nirvana was revolutionary, but they couldn’t have happened without GnR. GnR was the link between the hair bands and grunge. They were the beginning of the end of the height of glam rock. Nirvana sealed the deal.”

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Then, there are others who simply can’t pick one over the other, because they think both bands are worthy:

Well, at least Guns N Roses fans have something to look forward to. According to NME, the group has locked in the schedule for their live European tour after their original set dates were canceled back in May due to the coronavirus pandemic.

August 20, 2020




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