Popovich Applauds Move To Defund The Police

The San Antonio Spurs have missed out on the NBA Playoffs for the first time in 23 years.

Coach Gregg Popovich obviously does not want to talk about it, so he’s going on yet another political rant instead.

Donning the ‘Vote, Your Life Depends on It’ shirt he’s worn all throughout the Spurs’ bubble run, Popovich praised Austin’s efforts to slash the budget of its police department.

When asked to explain his stance, Pop resorted to calling Trump a ‘racist.’

“I think that’s the key, very frankly,” he said, referring to moves to defund the police. “Obviously, nothing’s happening from the top. We have a president who is obviously racist by any measure, so the local grassroots politicians have to take the lead, and I’m thrilled at the notion of the two actions that have just been taken.”

Racism: A Public Health Issue?

Popovich made these comments from Orlando, on the same day ExpressNews reported that the city council cut $150 million from the city’s Police Department budget, following loud calls from racial equality protesters throughout the city.

The leftist NBA coach wishes his hometown would do the same -- and more.

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The City Council of San Antonio appears to be headed the same path, along with approving a pending resolution to declare racism a public health crisis in the city. 

While some fans have pointed out the absurdity of treating racism as anything but a social issue, Popovich is all for it.

“All the systemic racism we talk about is still there because all we’ve done is talk about it for so long, and nothing has really happened,” he said. “We’ve taken a step forward and two steps back...we have to do this. People will get it done.”

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65-Year-Old Outrage

To prove his point, Popovich resurrected a 65-year-old issue: the 1955 lynching of Lamar Smith, who was attacked for registering blacks for the election.

As pointed out by Breitbart, the way the coach talked about it, you’d think such lynchings are still happening and terrorizing American elections today.

“I just want to bring that up as a reminder to everybody that this fight has been going on for a long time, and we can’t let people who want to suppress the vote win the day,” he said, in an attempt to explain why he went as far back as 1955 to spark outrage about the state of America today.
Popovich didn;t comment on the 154 percent increase in shootings that New York City has registered, year on year, since scaling back of Police operations and granting compassionate leave to thousands of inmates, following the Black Lives Matter protests and riots.

August 17, 2020




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