The New 'Bill & Ted' Movie is Here...Excellent!

Leave it to two time-travelers to release another adventure 29 years after their last.

Finally, the third ‘Bill & Ted’ movie is headed to its digital release. According to Music Feeds, ‘Bill and Ted Face the Music’ will be released on demand and in theaters on September 1st. 

It was originally slated to be released in theaters on August 21 but with COVID-19 still getting in the way of our plans, Orion Pictures had to settle to a later date.

Set 30 years after the events in ‘Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey,’ film leads Alex Winter (Bill) and Keanu Reeves (Ted) will have adorable reinforcements this time, including their daughters (played by Brigette Lundy-Paine and Samara Weaving). 

What Music?

So what is our favorite duo up these days? They’re no longer in high school, that’s for sure. 

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Still best friends, the now-middle-aged dynamic duo have to get together to find one song that will bring harmony to all creatures. 

Here’s the catch: according to director Dean Parisot, the death-defying pair and their spawns will only have 78 minutes to save the world.

Writer Ed Solomon has posted several behind-the-scenes pictures from the set, getting emotional as the film nears its release, although he’s very careful not to spill any important details. Still, he did confirm in a tweet what most of us already guessed: fan-favorite Death is back.

But if you really must search for more clues about the forthcoming adventure, we have the brand-new trailer right here for you:

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Bill & Ted at Comic-Con

Can’t get enough of Bill and Ted? 

Kevin Smith moderated a Comic-Con@Home panel discussion about the film, complete with virtual appearances from the main cast and director, plus screenwriters Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon

The interview streamed live on the event’s YT channel on July 25, but the entire footage is still up for everyone to see. 

If you were one of those who responded to Solomon’s call for fans to submit ‘rocking out’ videos for a chance to make it to the movie’s final cut, we’ll see you on September 1.

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