Bombshell Photos Show Bill Clinton Enjoying Massage from Epstein Victim

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton is seen enjoying a massage from Jeffrey Epstein accuser Chauntae Davies in a series of never-before-seen photos obtained by The Daily Mail.

One of the photographs showed Clinton dressed in a light yellow shirt and beige trousers, while Davies was working his shoulders while kneeling on a chair behind him. 

Davies, who has accused the dead ‘Filthy Rich’ Epstein of raping her numerous times, revealed that she was “shocked” upon seeing Clinton boarding Epstein’s infamous private jet during a humanitarian trip to Africa back in 2002.

The Infamous Lolita Express

As reported by Forbes, Clinton and Epstein took the flight together aboard the infamous ‘Lolita Express’. 

It’s just one of the many times Clinton traveled on the pedophile’s private aircraft,  where he undoubtedly socialized with Epstein’s disgraced assistant and alleged Madame, Ghislaine Maxwell, who is currently incarcerated for sex trafficking charges. 

According to Davies, it was Maxwell herself who urged her to give the former President a massage, after the latter complained of stiffness in his neck after falling asleep in the jet’s lounge chair. 

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“Would you mind giving it a crack?” Davies recalled Clinton asking, erasing any doubt in her mind whether Maxwell was just teasing when she suggested the massage.

Davies complied, naturally, and started rubbing out “the king in our former President’s neck and shoulder.” 

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However, the private spa session took an awkward turn when the 22-year-old used all the wrong words while asking Clinton to give her a better position for the massage.

“I’ve got a bad angle, would you mind getting on your knees?” she ended up asking. “The words just shout out before I realized what I was saying or who I said it to.” 

An Ill-Timed Reminder

Awkward moment aside, Davies said the President  “was a perfect gentleman during the trip.”

“I saw absolutely no foul play involving him.”

Still, the disturbing photos serve as an ill-timed reminder of Clinton’s ties with Epstein, who had reportedly hanged himself under federal custody while awaiting trial on accusations of sexually abusing dozens of underage girls. 
Notably, the disturbing photos were published mere hours before Clinton was set to endorse Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, during Tuesday night’s virtual DNC.

August 20, 2020




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