How To Increase Your Dopamine and Motivation

Have you ever felt an intense lack of motivation or enthusiasm over things that used to excite you? You might be experiencing low levels of dopamine in the brain.

Released in large amounts, dopamine creates sensations of pleasure and excitement in a person. The lack of it, on the other hand, destroys one’s motivation levels, leaving them in a gloomy mood and without much energy or desire to pursue that thing called life. .

Even though the chemical messenger is readily synthesized in the brain, Boost Your Biology’s Lucas Aoun discussed one nootropic, 9-MBC (9-Methyl-Beta-Carboline), that can boost the body’s capacity to synthesize dopamine, in effect providing a person new-found zest for life, on his podcast.

You can listen to the whole episode here.

Here are 6 interesting ways the nootropic 9-MBC boosts a person’s quality of life

1. Improves Learning Ability

By stimulating neurons and neurite growth, the surprisingly potent 9-MBC enhances a person’s attention span. Since it helps neurons spread, multiply, and strengthen connections in the brain, the nootropic is effective for those who want to improve their ability to focus and think critically.

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2. Reverses and Protects Against CNS Damage

Sometimes, the brain and the central nervous system suffers toxin-induced damage, making it hard for the body to synthesize dopamine. 9-MBC protects dopaminergic neurons, dendrites, and synapses, especially in the midbrain and hippocampus - critical for memory.

3. Increases Long-Term Motivation

Caffeine and other like stimulants might work well for short-term bursts of energy and motivation, but actually depletes dopamine through excessive release and firing. 9-MBC increases dopamine synthesis for long-term increase in motivation.

4. Improves Mood

When you experience a satisfying dinner or even pleasurable romp under the sheets, the brain releases dopamine. This allows the body to associate the release of dopamine with pleasure, and then creates a natural ‘reward’ system, such that the next time you eat a satisfying meal, your body remembers that it makes you feel good in extension. 

Now, if the body cannot synthesize enough dopamine, this whole ‘reward system’ topples over, leaving one unhappy or bereft of excitement even over a great meal or intercourse.

9-MBC, in boosting dopamine creation in the brain, prevents this from happening.

5. Repairs Efficiency of The Respiratory Chain

9-MBC improves a person’s cognitive and athletic performance. Sharper and faster reaction mechanisms are key to success in sports, and 9-MBC improves just that.

6. Increases Libido

Lucas cautions listeners to cycle 9-MBC, because like any other drug or supplement, it has its own side effects, which include a increased libido and hyperactive sex drive. Though, if we’re talking about improved zest for life, well, the increased euphoria from stronger orgasms couldn’t hurt, right?

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July 8, 2020




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