The Hawks Co-Owner Dorry Kordahi on Landing Brian Goorjian: “He Did Sort of Say No at One Stage”

The new co-owner of the NBL’s Hawks joined Andrew Gaze and Lanard Copeland for the second instalment of The Alley-Oop Show. Dorry Kordahi recently teamed up with former NBA Executive Bryan Colangelo and American businessman Michael Proctor to purchase the NBL team formally known as the Illawarra Hawks. The syndicate has made headlines recently and Kordahi jumped on the show to discuss all things Hawks, including joining forces with Bryan Colangelo and hiring Brian Goorjian.

Bryan Colangelo brings with him an extensive NBA background, having recently been the President of Basketball Operations and General Manager. Gaze asked Kordahi about joining forces with the former NBA executive, “The guy has got unbelievable experience. I’m learning by being around him. We are having Zoom meetings every morning - 2 to 3 hours every morning. The guy has a wealth of knowledge and expertise!”

Given his NBA background, Kordahi believes that Colangelo will help with recruiting players. 

“When you have a person of that calibre that can show a pathway to a player on our roster via Europe or via the NBA - it is not always about paying the big dollars but the opportunities that we will give these players, working within our program and the diversity they will get through the ownership group”, Kordahi told the former Melbourne Tigers legends.

Kordahi is excited about the possibilities of this ownership group, “I don’t believe any other club has the dynamics we have."

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The conversation soon moved to Brian Goorjian - arguably the greatest coach produced by the NBL. Goorjian is a six-time NBL Coach of the Year and six-time NBL Championship coach. 

“How in the hell were you able to get Brian Goorjian from China”, Copeland asked Kordahi.

Kordahi credits his relationship with the NBL great as a driving force in the signing.

“It was based on friendship. I am very fortunate that he accepted the offer and he saw the bigger picture between Colangelo, Proctor, and myself, and what we can do collaboratively as a group.”

It wasn’t all smooth sailing, with Kordahi having to be persistent to land Goorjian. 

“It was definitely a bit of a push. He did sort of say no at one stage. We said mate I am not giving up and we are doing this no matter what.” 

The persistence paid off with Goorjian signing a two year deal with the Hawks.

Check out the full interview on the sophomore episode of The Alley-Oop Show. In addition to the interview with Kordahi, Gaze and Copeland go inside the NBA bubble and look at some recent NBL signings.

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July 21, 2020




Shay Namdarian


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