Boost Your Biology


Episode 57: Regulating Stress & Boosting Metabolism Via The Ray Peat Philosophy. An Expert Chat WIth Danny Roddy

In this episode, Lucas invites Danny Roddy on the show to explore many aspects related to metabolism, hair loss, longevity, thyroid function, the damaging effects of nitric oxide, sleep management.

Episode 56: An End To Chronic Pain! PRP Therapy, Prolotherapy & Stem Cell Therapy With Dr. Drew Timmermans

In this episode, Lucas invites a worldwide authority figure in pain management, Dr. Drew Timmermans to the show.

Episode 55: Cheating High Sugar Meals, Muscle Growth, Fat Loss & Metabolic Hacking with Dr. Tony Huge

In this episode, Lucas invites a world-famous biohacker and bodybuilder, named Dr. Tony Huge.

Episode 1: Meet The Man Behind Ergogenic Health - Lucas Aoun’s Story

We're both proud and excited to be launching our brand new podcast, Boost Your Biology with Lucas Aoun. In this episode, the founder of Ergogenic Health, dives into his personal journey from working in his father’s pharmacy to creating his own globally recognised health & wellness brand.