Boost Your Biology


Episode 71: Your Blood Test Results Are NOT Normal: An Expert Chat With Dr. Miranda Myles

In this episode, Lucas invites one of his past lecturers on the show to discuss various naturopathic philosophies, western medicine, gut health, thyroid function, stress, fertility & more with expert

Episode 69: Extend Lifespan With This Super Antioxidant? An Expert Chat About C60 With Chris Burres

In this episode, Lucas invites Chris Burres to talk about C60 (Carbon 60 Fullerene).

Episode 68: Tips To Extend Lifespan, Improve Metabolic Health & Vitality With Siimland

In this episode, Lucas has a chat with the famous Siim Land to discuss all things autophagy, stress adaptation, best types of exercise, time-restricted eating, and much more.

Episode 10: Nootropics/Smart Drugs: Hacking Your Personality & Cognition

In this episode, Lucas explores the realm of cosmetic neurology, otherwise known as nootropics. He explains how nootropics have helped him reduce procrastination, feel less “stuck in his own head”, and enhance focus. He highlights who can benefit from nootropics, how they work and even some major pitfalls and side effects that must be known. This episode will be accompanied by a Nootropics Webinar that can be found at Ergogenic Health’s home website. This episode is a must for anyone wanting to upgrade their brain power!

Episode 9: BPC-157: The Healing Peptide Everyone Must Know

In this episode, Lucas chats with fellow naturopath, nutritionist and biohacker, “Kyal Van Der Leest” to discuss gut health and a miracle peptide known as BPC-157!

Episode 8: Never Need Viagra Again? Shockwave Therapy Explained

In this episode, Lucas has a chat with Austin, from Launch Medical in LA. They discuss how shockwave therapy enhances erectile and sexual performance in men.

Episode 7: Rethinking Serotonin: An Evil Twist

In this episode, Lucas explains why serotonin may NOT be something you want to increase. He explains how high serotonin can lead to apathy, anhedonia, blunted reward system and procrastination.

Episode 5: Boost Testosterone and Sexual Performance

In this episode, Lucas discusses all things Testosterone and hacking erections/sex drive.

Episode 6: A Biohacker’s Chat: Chatting All About Biohacking Your Life - With Mark Stein

In this episode, Lucas chats with another biohacker, “Mark Stein” to discuss all things supplements, medications, health hacking and other lifestyle intervention to improve wellness.

Episode 4: Boost Dopamine with this Nootropic

In this episode, Lucas explores an exotic dopamine-boosting nootropic called 9-MBC (9-Methyl-Beta-Carboline). 

Episode 3: Sleep Biohacks You Need to Know

In this episode, Lucas explores SLEEP from a unique perspective.

Episode 2: Taurine - The One Amino-Acid That Rules Them All?

In this episode, Lucas Aoun explores the fundamental benefits of a very under-rated amino acid. L-Taurine.

Episode 1: Meet The Man Behind Ergogenic Health - Lucas Aoun’s Story

We're both proud and excited to be launching our brand new podcast, Boost Your Biology with Lucas Aoun. In this episode, the founder of Ergogenic Health, dives into his personal journey from working in his father’s pharmacy to creating his own globally recognised health & wellness brand.