Kamala Harris Supports Men Who Want To Dominate Women's Sports

In accepting Joe Biden’s invitation to be his running mate, California senator Kamala Harris made history by being the first Black woman to have her name on a majority party ticket.

While feminists are undoubtedly excited to see a woman serve as the nation’s standard bearer for once, some are worrying that Harris might be on her way to the wrong side of history, after all.

Looking back at her track record, one cannot look past her co-sponsorship of the Equality Act in March 2019.

Among other things, the measure wants to force public schools to allow biological males to compete in female-only sports, as long as they identify as transgender bills.

Equality Act ‘in 100 days’

It shouldn’t be too surprising, though, since Harris is running with a presidential candidate who once promised to pass the Equality Act within his first 100 days in office. 

Although Biden has been careful not to ruffle too many feathers on transgender issues, his commitment to the Equality Act speaks volumes about the future he wants for American sports.

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Clearly, it’s not the same future the majority of Americans want.

A Ramussen survey back in November revealed that less than a third of the population believes it’s fair to let biological males compete on girls’ sports teams just because they identify as girls.

Researchers have also found that transgender women have an undeniable physical advantage over biological females even after 12 months of hormone intake.

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Politicizing Sports

Emilie Kao of The Heritage Foundation believes politicizing sports does not breed equality, but more hostility and discrimination.

“Female athletes nationwide are already losing to males who argue that sex-segregated sports is unfair discrimination, she wrote. “But athletes who identify as the opposite sex aren’t excluded from competing against their physical equals. Instead, they are seeking to compete in categories created to provide an equal playing field for all athletes.

She likewise pointed out that the Equality Act is not a victimless legislation, and that politicians should be careful about trading logic and principle just to pander to radical groups who want to ruin society’s very fabric.
“The Equality Act isn't about including those who were unfairly excluded from sports. It's about meeting the demands of a powerful political group for unfair advantage. This politicizes sports, and there is no clear limit to where that will end,” she warned.

August 12, 2020




Rosabell Toledo


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