Weekly NBA Wrap: 23 July 2020

The NBA season officially kicks off in just over one week - sh*t is getting real!

Even though we are yet to have any games in the bubble, there is still plenty of entertainment in the world of NBA. 

Which player has recently been snitched on?

Which all-star will be moving positions when the season restarts?

How much did Lebron’s rookie card sell for?

For answers to these questions (and more), check out your Weekly NBA Wrap.

This is Not Syria, Mate

Steven Adams is one of the most likeable NBA players in the league. The OKC Thunder centre got back to basics in his response to a reporter that asked him about life in the NBA bubble. Rather than complain about food or accommodation, he decided to compare the bubble to Syria.  

“Let’s be clear. This is not Syria, mate. You know what I mean? It’s not that hard, it’s not that difficult … we’re living in a bloody resort”

Well said, Steven. The NBA needs more players like you.

Snitches Get Stitches

To combat the breaking quarantine rules, the NBA has set up a hotline to take anonymous reports on players and officials.

Has it worked?

We know that at least one NBA player has been ‘snitched’ on for not wearing a mask. This player was none other than Lakers big man Dwight Howard. Some teams have decided to use the hotline to their advantage, most notably, Clippers coach Doc Rivers. 

"I turned in LeBron yesterday. I turned Pop in today. I am trying to turn all these guys in... we are going to be the only team left when I am done."

Let the snitching begin.

Ben, Please Make it Rain

It seems like every pre-season Ben Simmons gets everyone excited about his three-point shot. In the lead up to the season restart, he seems to be doing it again. In addition to moving Simmons from power forward to point guard,  Brett Brow is also looking to see him shoot more.

Over the last few weeks, Simmons has been releasing videos of him making it rain from three-point land.

Is this a sign of things to come in Orlando?

Speaking on behalf of all NBA fans…….we really hope so!

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Lebron Makes History

Lebon James has made a lot of money over his career and now he is even making money for other people. This week it was announced that his rookie Upper Deck card from 2003/2004 sold for an incredible $1.845 million USD at Goldin Auctions. The card was bought by Leore Avidar, the CEO of Lob.com.

To put this into perspective, it is the most expensive basketball card ever purchased! 

It might be a good time to start searching for al those basketball cards you collected as a kid. 


Bubble Barbershop

There has been lots of noise about NBA players struggling to stick to the rules in the bubble. Last week on the NBA wrap we even noted that some players had already started inviting girls to the Disney resort. The NBA is trying everything they can to keep players entertained and sticking to the rules. They are even building a babershop for the players inside the bubble!

I wonder what they will build next?

Watch this space...

July 23, 2020




Shay Namdarian


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