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Stephen Hawking once said that intelligence is the ability to adapt to change... so let’s adapt.

Hosted by author and entrepreneur, Steve Glaveski, Future Squared brings you conversations with preeminent thought leaders from myriad disciplines such as startups and entrepreneurship, technology, corporate innovation, psychology, philosophy, economics, politics, biology, human performance and productivity, motivation and self development, management and leadership, health and fitness and more to help you think in a multi-disciplinary way, avoid relying on the first piece of information that comes to hand, kick goals in your professional and personal life and better navigate what is fast becoming, a Brave New World.

Previous guests include thought leaders such as Adam Grant, Brad Feld, Tim O'Reilly, Gretchen Rubin, Kevin Kelly, Jeremy Heimans, Steve Blank, Neil Patel, Rand Fishkin, Jordan Harbinger, Omar Zenhom, Andreas Antonopoulos, Ryan Blair, Whitney Johnson and various other thought leaders.

Past topics have explored the likes of:

Blockchain, virtual and augmented reality, algorithms, machine learning, artificial intelligence and universal basic income (UBI), sales and marketing, lean startup, design thinking, agile, political correctness, identity politics, cloud computing, geopolitics, neuroscience, data science, fintech, proptech, sports, tech addiction, CRISPR, venture capital, angel investment, nootropics and cognitive therapies, big data, cloud computing, DevOps, fake news, web development, UX and UI, influencer and content marketing, emotional intelligence, Stoic philosophy, mindfulness and meditation, chatbots, automation, IoT, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Trump, tech trends, Pixar animation studios, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Google, disruption to incumbents, how to measure innovation, extreme ownership, radical transparency and a hell of a lot more!

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411. Non-Fungible Tokens(NFTs) and Collectable Digital Art with Saatchi Art's Monty Preston

Monty Preston is the Manager of Art Advisory & Curation at Saatchi Art. Prior to joining Saatchi Art in 2018, she worked at female-led, industry-disrupting startups including Beauty Pie in London, whe

410: The Sh*t They Never Taught You with Adam Jones and Adam Ashton

In this episode, I interview the co-hosts of the popular podcast What You Will Learn, and now co-authors of The Sh*t They Never Taught You, Adam Jones and Adam Ashton, for a conversation on all things

409. How to Make it as a Cocaine Trafficker with Jesse Fink

Jesse Fink joins Steve Glaveski to talk Pure Narco: Th real-life tales of Luis Antonio Navia aka 'El Senador'.

Episode #341: Life as a Ghost with Daniel Paisner

Daniel Paisner is one of the busiest collaborators in publishing. He's written over sixty books, on topics ranging from business and sports, to politics and popular culture, including sixteen New York Times best-sellers.

Episode #340: Storytelling and Hip-Hop with Raj Nathan

Raj Nathan is a hypeman - no, he doesn’t wear a clock around his neck like Flavor Flav - he’s a startup hypeman, and his mission us to help companoes not suck at pitching and telling their story, so they stand out to customers and investors, and stand apart from competitors and pretenders.

Episode #385: Detoxification with Stefan Filippo

Stemming from chronic illness, health coach Stefan Filippo has made it his mission to learn about how the human body functions with the aim of improving his own health as well as educating and empowering others to evolve into their best self.

Episode #338: Live an Optimised Life with Steve Brophy

Steve Brophy is a passionate and innovative educator with 17 years of experience both locally and internationally in K-12 schools. In his role as the Director of ICT & eLearning at Ivanhoe Grammar School, Steve is responsible for overseeing the digital strategy and development of the school. Steve was recipient of the 2017 Digital Learning and Teaching Victoria (DLTV) Outstanding Leader of the year award. He is the co-host of the TeachTechPlay web-show, organiser of the TeachTechPlay conference and co-host of the Design and Play podcast.

Episode #336: Humor at Work with Andrew Tarvin

Andrew Tarvin is obsessed with efficiency. In fact, that's why he goes by Drew Tarvin, it's more efficient. As the world's first humor engineer, he teaches people how to get better results while having more fun. Combining his background as a project manager at Procter & Gamble with his experience as a stand-up comedian, he reverse-engineers the skill of humor in a way that is practical, actionable, and gets results in the workplace.

Episode #334: Ryan Serhant on Selling Your Way From Rags to Riches

Ryan Serhant is a costar on Bravo's hit show Million Dollar Listing New Yorkand the star of Sell It Like Serhant. Ryan fell into real estate by accident after giving up his acting career. He made just over $9,000 his first year in the business. Ten years later, Ryan leads a team of 60 brokers and averages a billion dollars in sales every year, making him one of the most successful real estate brokers in the world.

Episode #333 Tom Ziglar on Transforming Your Life, One Simple Choice at a Time

Tom Ziglar is the proud son of Zig Ziglar and the CEO of Ziglar, Inc. He joined the Zig Ziglar Corporation in 1987 and climbed from working in the warehouse, to sales, to management, and then on to leadership.

Episode #329: The Uncensored History of SIlicon Valley with Adam Fisher

Adam Fisher grew up in Silicon Valley playing Atari, programming computers, and reading science fiction. He still lives in the Bay Area but now spends his time thinking about the future, tracing it's origins, and writing about it – for Wired, MIT Technology Review, and The New York Times Sunday Magazine. Valley of Genius is his first book

Episode #327: Beware of Digital Agencies Selling Innovation

In this episode, I aim to shine a light on the deceptive practices being carried out by digital agencies across the globe, and whilst I will be speaking specifically about practices pertaining to serving corporate innovation clients, the same set of practices are affecting young startups and entrepreneurs everywhere.

Episode #326: The Life Skills That Matter with Stephen Warley

Stephen Warley is the founder of Life Skills That Matter. After being laid off 18 years ago, Stephen has interviewed over 500 people in professions as diverse as defence, finance, health, marketing and entrepreneurship, read over 200 books about personal development and conducted countless lifestyle design experiments.

Bonus Episode: The Millennial Mastermind, Brad Mulvey

Brad Mulvey is the founder of Millennial Mastermind and host of the Millennial Mastermind Podcast.

Episode #324: Productivity with Mike Vardy

Mike Vardy is an author, speaker, and productivity and time management strategist.

Episode #320: Beth Comstock on General Electric and How To Imagine It Forward in Large Companies

Beth Comstock Bestselling Author and Former Change-maker at GE

Episode #322: Walker Deibel on Acquiring Businesses Instead of Starting Them

Walker Deibel is an acquisition entrepreneur. He has cofounded three startups and acquired seven companies.

Episode #319: We're Wrong about Most of our Ideas...and Why That's OK!

"We're wrong about most of our ideas most of the time" - Michael Shermer.

Episode #318: Dr Michael Shermer on Death, the Meaning of Life and Tribalism in Tech

Bestselling Author and Founder of Skeptic Magazine

Episode #316: Dr Joseph Mercola on Fat, Fasting and Keto

Dr Joseph Mercola on Fat, Fasting and Keto Physician, health activist and founder of Mercola.com

Episode #315: Sergei and Vadim Revzin on the Entrepreneurial Journey

Sergei Revzin is a Venture Investor at the NYU Innovation Venture Fund where he leads the university’s technology investments. He has mentored hundreds of entrepreneurs all over the country through his work with Venture for America, and has been an early employee and founder at tech companies in NYC and Boston.

Episode #314: 3 Ways to Learn Faster and Remember Longer

If you have not yet had the opportunity to check out episode #313 with Jonathan Levi, I implore you to give it a listen - it is full of value bombs on learning and memorisation, among myriad other topics.

Episode #313: Jonathan Levi on Superhuman Learning and Memory

Jonathan Levi is an experienced entrepreneur, angel investor, and lifehacker from Silicon Valley.

Episode #312: The Mask and the Shadow

On a recent flight from Melbourne en route to Bangkok for the Innov8rs Conference, I was reading author Robert Greene’s new magnum opus, Laws of Human Nature. I had the honor of speaking with Greene on my podcast Future Squared recently and was struck by something he said during our conversation about the notion of masks and shadows. Greene says that each of us wears a mask in order to gain social acceptance. This mask hides our dark side, or, our shadow, which can be a true but suppressed representation of our personalities.

Episode #311: Employee to Entrepreneur - Chapter One

Here's a sneak peak into my brand new book, Employee to Entrepreneur: How to Earn Your Freedom and Do Work That Matters.

Episode #310: Making Lemonade Out of Lemons

Thanks to Jetstar, I got to test my character and make lemonade out of lemons recently.

Episode #309: Whatever It Takes

Whatever It Takes

Episode #308: The Value of Wasting Time

In this episode, I ponder the sometimes unintended benefits of wasting time and procrastinating.

Episode #307: Fireside Chat with Steve Glaveski and Shay Namdarian

Now for today’s episode, which is a recording of a fireside chat with my good friend and colleague, Shay Namdarian, as well as an audience Q&A, at the Melbourne leg of the Employee to Entrepreneur book launch.

Episode #306: All Great Things Start From Small Beginnings

Today, as we embark upon a new year, I thought it would make sense to channel Cicero, Roman statesman, orator, lawyer and philosopher, who said that “all great things start from small beginnings”.

Bonus Episode: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants with Adam Jones and Adam Ashton

Adam Ashton and Adam Jones met as two young blokes while attending Monash University, studying commerce and structural engineering respectively. Both were keen on making the most of their advantaged a

Episode #304: Robert Greene on the Laws of Human Nature

Robert Greene is the author of the New York Times bestsellers The 48 Laws of Power, The Art of Seduction, The 33 Strategies of War, The 50th Law and Mastery.

Bonus Episode: Tom Heffner on Military Resilience and Innovation

Tom Heffner is a podcaster, author, speaker, and innovation expert. His goal is to help you thrive at work and in life and believes that every day, purposeful habits and practices are vital to this p

Episode #302: Why We Sleep

Why we sleep...there's a lot more to it than you might think.

Episode #300: Why We 'Grind'

Celebrating 300 episodes of Future Squared with a simple reminder of why we 'grind'.

Episode #301: Less Doing, More Living with Ari Meisel

Ari Meisel is an entrepreneur, author, CEO, TED speaker, real estate developer, green building consultant, and productivity expert.

Episode #299: How to Build Authority and Systemize Your Business with Matt Wolfe and Joe Fier

Joe Fier is a creative who came to the table with a video editing turned outsourcing business. He’s damn good at creating custom marketing roadmaps to skyrocket client sales results. Matt Wolfe is a systems and tech optimization guy who is a fanatic about content repurposing strategies. He’s famous for SEO, data analysis, split-testing and conversion optimization. Together, they are the founders of Evergreen Profits, which they’re building to become the largest online content marketing platform this side of Neil Patel.

Episode #298: Life-Changing Mental Shifts with Ajit Nawalkha

Ajit came from humble beginnings. Born to a middle-income family in Jaipur, India, he grew up in an extended family of 23 other people under one roof. Space and money were scarce, and so as a little boy, he dreamt of abundance.

Episode #297: What is Happiness?

What is happiness? It's not just a dopaminergic hit. It's about something much deeper than that, that too many of us never truly reflect on.

Episode #296: Jason Fried on Why It Doesn’t Have to Be Crazy at Work

Jason Fried thinks deeply about collaboration, productivity and the nature of work. He's the co-founder of project management platform Basecamp.

Episode #295: Think Peacoats for Productivity

No, I'm not talking about those winter jackets - although that's a useful visual mnemonic, what I’m talking about is a deliberate productivity framework that will 10X your output and quality of life. What I’m talking about is deliberate Prioritise, economies of scale and alignment, Cut, Outsource, Automate, Test and Start; or PeaCOATS.

Bonus Episode: Side Hustling with Ryan Helms

Ryan Helms is a full-time corporate warrior and part-time freedom chaser. He has a passion for financial freedom and creating great things. He is the author of The Side Hustle Journal, host of the Hus

Episode #293: How to Be a Polymath

As Warren Buffett put it, "the difference between successful people and really successful people is that really successful people say no to almost everything." And I agree, wholeheartedly. However this doesn't mean you can't excel at more than one thing.

Episode #294: Peter Bregman on Leading with Emotional Courage

For over 30 years, Peter Bregman has worked with CEOs and senior leaders to help them create accountability and inspire collective action on their most important work. He helps leaders to develop their leadership skills, build aligned, collaborative teams, and overcome obstacles to drive results for their organizations.

Episode #292: Scott Anthony on Transforming Your Company

Scott Anthony is the Managing Director at Innosight. In his time with Innosight, Scott has advised senior leaders in companies such as Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, SingTel, Kraft, General Electric, LG, the Ayala Group, and Cisco Systems on topics of growth and innovation.

Episode #291: Podcast Sneak Peak - Who Am I?

In this week’s installment of Fast Fix Friday, I’m going to bring you the very first episode of the Employee to Entrepreneur podcast, that I launched earlier this week.

Episode #291: I've Launched a New Podcast!

I’ve just launched a new podcast called Employee to Entrepreneur. The podcast will unpack stories from the book as well as key lessons learned during my transition to what has now been seven years in entrepreneurship after almost a decade in the corporate world.

Episode #290: Mick Wall on Four Decades in Rock Journalism

Mick Wall is an author, journalist, film, television and radio writer-producer, who’s worked inside the music industry for over 35 years. He is widely considered to be to music journalism what Keith Richards is to guitar.

Episode #288: Build Your Personal Brand Online with Brittany Hennesy

Brittany Hennessy is the author of Influencer: Building Your Brand in the Age of Social Media, she’s the first-ever Senior Director of Influencer Strategy & Talent Partnerships for Hearst Magazines Digital Media, and the co-founder of Carbon.

Episode #289: No Plan B

I just had the honour of interviewing the one and only Mick Wall, who is to music journalism what Keith Richards is to guitar. He has worked with everyone from Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath to Guns n Roses and Bon Jovi.

Episode #287: Yes And, Not No But

When evaluating someone's idea, it's always tempting and easy to point out the myriad reasons why it won't work, instead of to add value and encourage.