Crystal Palace Rejects Hi-Jacked BLM Movement

Sports organisations are currently in the middle of a dilemma. On one hand, there is strong pressure from players, teams, and fans to support the Black Lives Matter movement.

But doing so now means supporting a campaign that is becoming increasingly politicized, and has gone far beyond seeking justice for the killing of George Floyd ‘hijacked’ to pushing anti-capitalist, anti-Israeli and far-left ideologies. 

Encouragingly, the Evening Standard is reporting that English premier league club, Crystal Palace, has decided to take a stand.

In a statement, the club identified itself as apolitical -- fully supportive of the ethos of BLM, but separate from the official Black Lives Matter Movement.

Wide Array of Demands

“We stand proudly alongside members of the BAME community, our players and employees, and behind the ideals and ethos of 'black lives matter', the league wrote.

“However, we would like to make clear that we do not endorse any pressure group or body that carries the same term in its name, and we strongly believe that organisations should not use this important force for change and positivity to push their own political agendas.”

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Aside from its widely-recognized anti-discrimination and pro-inclusivity messages, the Black Lives Movement has publicly thrown support behind defunding the police, toppling capitalism over, and targeting sanctions against Israel.

These ‘wider’ demands, the club clarified, were not conceived when they decided to place ‘BLACK LIVES MATTER’ banners over its Selhurst Park seats.

“We want to be part of a world that is fair, inclusive and open to all.”

BLM Badges Here to Stay 

Despite agreeing with the Eagles’ stance to completely separate the Premiere League from the BLM movement in the U.K., Prem officials assured its teams and fans that wearing insignia representing the fight against racism will not be outlawed.

Recall that following Floyd’s death, player shirts have been decorated with a BLM badge, which will be worn for the rest of the season.

Amid the controversy, this policy will remain unchanged for the foreseeable future.

After all, the league remains convinced that these anti-discrimination badges simply symbolize a person’s commitment in the ongoing struggle to eradicate racism, rather than being the logo of one specific organization.

Restoring the Balance

In a world where people and organisations risk being canceled for simply having contrary opinions to the prevailing Twitter narrative, Palace’s move is one that we hope others learn from, and one that can restore a society built on healthy discourse and facts - not just the feelings of those on the fringes.

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July 5, 2020




Rosabell Toledo


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