Juventus Won The Serie A Title, So Why Is Ronaldo in Trouble?

Juventus have won their ninth consecutive Serie A crown with two games to spare.

The Old Lady outplayed Sampdoria 2-0 to escape a title race against their closest rivals, Inter Milan.

Earlier, The Mirror reports that Internazionale upped the ante on Juve with a 3-0 victory over Genoa

Of course, Cristiano Ronaldo had other plans.

Extended Record

The superstar opened the scoring for Bianconeri by striking a cross from Miralem Pjanic, which found a neat spot on the bottom corner of the box.

Frederico Bernardeschi then sealed the deal with a second goal in the 67th minute. Just like that, Juventus is on the cusp of achieving something no other team has done before -- a 10th straight title.

As it is right now, though, extending their record to a ninth straight must feel like vindication for club manager Maurizio Sarri, who has drawn flak for his supposedly inconsistent campaign and inefficient leadership.

With this new feather on his cap, Sky Sports says Sarri will train his sights on their remaining league fixtures against Cagliari and Roma before gearing up for their Champions League bid.

Missed Opportunity

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All of these are good news for Juventus, but Ronaldo must not be feeling super-super.

By missing a penalty on championship night, Ronaldo’s Capocannoniere ambitions suffered a huge blow. 

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Lazio’s Ciro Immobile gained better footing just earlier in the day as he clinched a bag-trick over Verona, placing him at 34 goals.

Still, it appears this is the farthest thing from Cristiano’s mind.

Right after delivering the title, he took to Instagram to pay tribute to fans.

“Done! Champions of Italy,” he wrote in the vernacular. “Delighted for the second consecutive championship and to continue building the history of this great and splendid club.”

“This title is dedicated to all Juve fans, in particular to those who have suffered and are suffering from the pandemic that has taken us all by surprise by overturning the world,” he reflected. “It was not easy! Your courage, your attitude, and your determination were the strength we needed to face this tight final of the championship and fight to the end for this title that belongs to all of Italy, A big hug to you all!”

July 27, 2020




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