Lebron James Condemned For 'Destroying' The NBA

While fans and other adoring analysts are heaping praises at LeBron James for bringing the NBA to greater heights, OutKick’s Clay Travis is calling him out for his questionable principles and advocacies off-court.

According to Travis, King James’ legacy will be remembered for taking down the very kingdom built by the great men who came before him.

Magic Johnson and Larry Bird did everything they could to build up the NBA to heights you have never seen before,” the analyst mused in a broadcast piece uploaded on Twitter.

“Since Michael Jordan retired, the NBA has been on a consistent downslope and LeBron James is destroying it even further. The young players have taken his lead and decided to be ‘woke’ with all these vapid, not supported by factual date, comments. This is an unmitigated disaster.”

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Still In The Running For GOAT

On-court, the L-train remains unstoppable.

After playing 243 games in 14 playoffs seasons, LBJ has breached over 7,000 career playoff points, marking a fresh record

Michael Jordan only managed to rack up north of 5,900 playoff points, while Kareem Adul-Jabbar had 5,762.

Lebron has likewise played the most number of minutes in the Playoffs, with Tim Duncan hanging far back in second place.

This brilliant performance is precisely why Travis thinks James should “just play basketball.”

‘An Idiot Outside The Court’

“People out there who just want to watch basketball say, ‘Hey, they got woke, let them go broke. I’m leaving,’” the reporter said. “This is what happens when you kneel for the national anthem, when you put social justice warrior slogans on the back of jerseys, and what happens when you put Black Lives Matter on the court.”

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Specifically, Travis is slamming LBJ for siding with Goodyear in the tire company’s feud with the president.

“LeBron defended Goodyear, which President Trump has ripped because Goodyear has inconsistent statements about which politics are allowed to be endorsed and which are not allowed to be endorsed. LeBron is an idiot when he talks about pretty much anything other than basketball.”

You can watch Clay’s full report by Clay Travis here.

August 26, 2020




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