The Ultimate Guide to Content Marketing for Venture Capital Firms

The Ultimate Guide to Content Marketing for Venture Capital Firms

Will ChatGPT and AI Replace Us?

Should you be worried about ChatGPT and AI?

Bad Ideas: Put Politicians on a Workers’ Wage

The Victorian Socialists and the folly of short-term thinking. During Victoria’s recent State election, Melbourne’s suburbs were swamped with flyers from the upstart Victorian Socialists party.

The Ultimate Guide to Content Marketing for Venture Capital Firms

The Ultimate Guide to Content Marketing for Venture Capital Firms

Will ChatGPT and AI Replace Us?

Should you be worried about ChatGPT and AI?

Bad Ideas: Put Politicians on a Workers’ Wage

The Victorian Socialists and the folly of short-term thinking. During Victoria’s recent State election, Melbourne’s suburbs were swamped with flyers from the upstart Victorian Socialists party.

Qatar Becomes First-Ever World Cup Host Nation to Lose Opening Game

The controversial 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar kicked off on November 20, with host nation Qatar taking on South America’s Ecuador.

Episode 129: Can Quitting Smoking Help You Sleep Better?

Sleeping is one of the most important ways to stay physically and cognitively alert. However, in the digital age, many of our lifestyles can cause disrupt our natural body clock. This can heighten our

Cancel Culture in Crypto: Vitalik Buterin Weighs In

Cancel culture reared its head in crypto recently with Ethereum Name Service (ENS) director of operations Brantly Millegan fired on the back of a 75% majority vote to remove him.

Why and How to Get Your Brand into the Metaverse

Put simply, the metaverse is a virtual world in which you can participate and interact with other actors. So why should your brand care?

Andrew Bogut on the NBA's Social Justice Hypocrisy

Former NBA champion Andrew Bogut has criticized the NBA's double standards when it comes to social justice activism.

Laws and Lockdowns are Making Australians Dull and Dumb

Freedom of expression, movement, and the free exchange of ideas. Such liberties underpin a progressive, innovative, and economically prosperous society.

Yugoslavia v Team USA in 2021: Who Would Win?

Who would win a best of seven series between a team comprised of players from the former Yugoslavian republics against today’s Team USA?

Andrew Bogut and the Political Intolerance of the Left

Hundreds of users with too much time on their hands - perhaps owing to lockdown, perhaps not - flocked to Twitter to cry bloody murder at Andrew Bogut co-commentating, would you believe it... an Olymp

The Four-Day Workweek is Overrated, Study Finds

Steve Glaveski, CEO of Collective Campus and author of Time Rich, says that the shorter workweeks simply means people are having to find more efficient and effective ways to do things.

Breaking: Argentina Beats Colombia on Penalties to Reach Copa America 2020 Final Against Brazil

Breaking: Argentina Beats Colombia on Penalties to Reach Copa America 2020 Final Against Brazil

Innovation Consultancy Now Accepts DogeCoin and Other Cryptocurrencies

Melbourne-based corporate innovation consultancy and startup accelerator, Collective Campus, has announced that it will now be accepting payment in a number of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Eth

Author issues open challenge to Deloitte CEO, Adam Powick, on Remote Work

Author of Time Rich and Employee to Entrepreneur, Steve Glaveski, issued an open challenge to Deloitte CEO Adam Powick in response to the announcement that Deloitte staff can work wherever, whenever.

A New Sun of Unity Rises over Macedonia at Euro2020

Why the appearance of North Macedonia at Euro2020 achieved more for the country off the pitch than on it.

4 Essential Ingredients for High Performance and Productivity

When we talk of productivity, we typically speak only of tactics and tools. But whilst these all add value — they are akin to icing on the proverbial cake.

How to Get Over Your Fear of Speaking on Clubhouse

We are terrified of being ostracized from our tribes because this would have meant imminent death when we were evading predators and starvation on the African savannah tens of thousands of years ago.

How to Finally Pop Your Productivity 🍒 in 2021

According to Forbes, Elon Musk is now the richest person in the world with his net worth estimated to be approximately $180 billion. It appears to be a tight tussle at the top between Musk and Jeff Be

Clubhouse: Putting the Social Back into Social Media?

Clubhouse is the latest social media app to take the world by storm.

16 Types of Clubhouse Events

Clubhouse is the new drop-in audio social media platform taking the world — or at least the two million active weekly users — by storm.

The Dark Side of Clubhouse

I receive a notification. It’s a ping from a friend on Clubhouse informing me that superstar VCs Marc Andreesen and Ben Horowitz are hosting a one-on-one chat for an audience of several thousand.

Will Clubhouse Replace Podcasts?

Clubhouse is the latest social media app to take the world by storm.

How to Advertise on Clubhouse

Clubhouse is the latest social media app to take the world by storm.

GameStop and the Prisoner's Dilemma - Sell or Hold?

The Gamstop saga represents a unique glimpse into the psyche of the collective human spirit, as millions of strangers around the world show us whether they do display a bias towards cooperation.

Poking Holes in Jane McGonigal’s Appearance on The Knowledge Project

Jane McGonigal, PhD game designer and videogame advocate, appeared on The Knowledge Project podcast to talk about the psychology of gaming with host, Shane Parrish.

Critical Listening: How to Cut Through the Bullshit on Podcasts and Audiobooks

It has become commonplace for people to do a lot of their learning through audiobooks and podcasts, instead of physical books.

Freedom From The Mind

“Freedom is the open window through which pours the sunlight of the human spirit and human dignity.”

Why You Should Use Signal Instead of WhatsApp

Why you should download Signal, and stop using WhatsApp.

Why People Like Watching People Play Videogames

I like watching other content creators play cool games. Others may feel the same.

I Deleted Instagram From My Phone — Here’s What Happened

Recently, I gave a talk on how human beings tend to be wasteful when it comes to our most precious resource — time.

Life Lessons from The Prophet

The Prophet, written by Lebanese-American poet, Kahlil Gibran, is one of the most translated books in history and has never been out of print, almost one hundred years after its initial publication in

How I Evaluate Business Ideas So I Can Make More and Work Less

Having spent almost a decade as an entrepreneur, since leaving the corporate world back in 2013, I’ve established a handful of businesses of varying degrees of success.

Why You Should Probably Have Just One Meta Goal in 2021

Forget writing down a laundry list of goals for the new year. Maybe it's time to focus on just one?

The Life-Changing Value of Multi-Disciplinary Learning

By looking at the world through a wide lens instead of a narrow one, we ultimately become better people.

Why We Stopped Reporting the News - and why you should probably stop reading it

Why we stopped reporting the news at NoFilter Media, and why you should probably stop reading it.

The Tragic Story of Grunge Pioneer, Andrew Wood

A brief history of the grunge pioneer who was taken to soon.

Be Wary of Absolute Language

You can never be sure you’re right. You can only be sure you’re wrong.

Happiness and the Power of Being All-In

The relationship between commitment and peace.

20 Best Heavy Metal Podcasts of 2023

Our list of the best hard rock and heavy metal podcasts to get headbangers through the new year!

How to Have Masturbation-Free Meetings...Seriously.

Many things go viral on the internet — Drake memes, cat videos, and in the era of COVID-19, videos of men masturbating on Zoom calls in front of stunned colleagues.

Burn the Books: Jordan Peterson, Penguin and the Hitler Youth

Several staff at book publisher Penguin Random House Canada protested against the publication of psychologist and author Jordan Peterson’s sequel to his remarkably successful book, 12 Rules For Life.

You Don't Need F*ck You Money to Say "F*ck You"

‘F*ck you money’ is defined by UrbanDictionary as ‘the exact amount of money required in order to tell an individual or organization to go f*ck themselves without facing repercussions’.

Macedonia Qualifies for Euro2020: A Look At Its Qualifying Round History

The Macedonian national football team has qualified for the European Championship for the first time since declaring independence from Yugoslavia in 1991, with a 1-0 win over Georgia.

75 Life Lessons From the Japanese Samurai

Hagakure (‘in the shadow of leaves’) is a book of thoughts and sayings that capture the essence of the Bushido - the Way of the Samurai warrior.

Offside: My Life on Australia’s Politically Tribal Football Terraces

An inside look at being indoctrinated into the ultra-nationalistic politics of an ethnic group and Australia, and how this played out on the terraces of its football grounds.

Johnny Depp Cancelled: When Benefit of the Doubt Goes to the Accuser

Johnny Depp - the iconic star of films such as Donnie Brasco, Edward Scissorhands and Finding Neverland - has become the latest victim of cancel culture.

America Lost 5 Million Blacks and Hispanics During the Election

The President scored an 11 percentage point increase of the Hispanic vote - which translates to roughly 3.5 million extra voters (11% of the 32 million eligible Hispanic voters). Trump won approximate

How the Richmond Tigers Built a Dynasty Reminiscent of the Golden State Warriors

Richmond CEO, Brendan Gale, outlined the team's 10-year vision in 2010 and every goal was realised. They are building a dynasty reminiscent of the Golden State Warriors.

Why Equality of Outcome is a Bad Idea

Why Kamala Harris utopian vision of equity is a dangerous idea.

Don't Take Advice from Programmed-Out Adults

Friedrich Nietzsche said that human beings fool themselves to orient towards the future.

Khabib Retires: Not Interested in Conor McGregor

Legendary mixed martial artist, Khabib Nurmagomedov, shocked the fight world over the weekend when he dispatched with opponent, Justin Gaethje, and announced his retirement from the sport.

Melbourne Storm Win Sixth Premiership, Despite Loss of Key Players

The Melbourne Storm have once again claimed the NRL premiership, outmaneuvering the Penrith Panthers in a tight 26-20 victory last night at Sydney’s Homebush Stadium, before a capped crowd of 40,000.

Quibi Shuts Down Seven Months After Launching: Founders Blame TIming

The brainchild of former Disney chairman, Jeffrey Katzenberg, and former eBay CEO, Meg Whitman, the demise of the short-form streaming service was confirmed in a Medium post by the pair.

University of Minnesota Offers 12- Step Whiteness Recovery Program

The University of Minnesota just launched the following AA-styled program - Recovery from White Conditioning. The program, developed by Cristina Combs, is said to help white people ‘recover and reclai

What Kanye Said on the Joe Rogan Experience

It finally happened. Kanye West appeared on The Joe Rogan Experience, and as expected, it broke the internet, debuting at #8 on the Apple Podcasts US chart.

How to Liberate Your Mental Real Estate

We might be frugal in guarding our financial assets and tangible property, but not so when it comes to our mental real estate - our mindshare.

Aussie Puts UFC Light-Heavyweight Division on Notice

Aussie wins UFC “Performance of the Night” bonus on Fight Island and just put the whole division on Notice.

History Repeats: Political Censorship, Twitter and Joe Biden

Last week, Twitter banned users from sharing a New York Post article which alleged to incriminate Hunter and Joe Biden for their dealings with Ukrainian energy company, Burisma Holdings.

Why Fox Eyes and Cultural Appropriation Should Be Celebrated

The latest in this long list of cultural inapropros is fox eyes - a makeup fad that emulates the almond-shaped eyes that are a common to Asian faces. But, is this really a problem?

Conor McGregor Surpasses Michael Jordan

Conor McGregor has now surpassed Michael Jordan. No, not in career earnings, apparel sold or litres of whisky drank, but in the number of what we can only call ‘un-retirements’.

Great Souls Undertake Useful Projects

What Cicero and Teddy Roosevelt teach us about work and life.

Do You Have a Content Problem or Distribution Problem?

Guns n Roses didn’t have a content problem during that head-scratching year of 1987 - they had a distribution problem. And that is in many ways the internet marketer’s age old question.

25 Life Lessons from Cicero on Living Well

Cicero (106BC — 43BC) was one of Ancient Rome’s most famous orators. He was also a statesman, lawyer, and philosopher who preceded the likes of Seneca, Epictetus, and Epicurus.

Why Disney and Generalists are Thriving in a Pandemic World

Stephen Hawking was believed to have said that “intelligence is the ability to adapt to change”.

Joe Rogan Responds to Spotify Employees

In a recent Joe Rogan Experience episode with Tim Dillon, Joe Rogan finally broke his silence on the recent push amongst some Spotify employees to have his podcast censored. 

The 2020 Lakers: Short-Term Pain for Long-Term Gain

The Los Angeles Lakers have been crowned NBA Champions for the 17th time, led by the indomitable pair of LeBron James and Anthony Davis. But their road to the title was far from easy.

Weekly NBA Wrap: Championship Edition

It’s a wrap! After a gruelling 355 days, the Los Angeles Lakers are the NBA champions in one of the most challenging season in history. They add their 17th championship and now equal the Celtics for the most by any NBA franchise. Here’s your special championship edition of the Weekly NBA Wrap.

Cheaters Dominate Super Mario 35

In just over a week from the launch of Nintendo's 35th-anniversary offering in honor of our favorite plumber, hackers have found a way to cheat. However, it didn't come as a surprise to hardcore game enthusiasts since cheating is a staple of battle royale games. 

Weekly NBA Wrap: 9 October 2020

The NBA bubble experiment is nearly over and what a success it has been.However, it appears players, coaches and officials are ready to get out soon. The Lakers are up 3-1 and in the box seat to take home the championship. Out of the 35 teams that have been up 3-1 in an NBA finals series, only one has gone on to lose the championship. Who was that one team? It was the Golden State Warriors who lost to none other than a Cleveland team led by Lebron James.Here’s your Weekly NBA Wrap.

AC/DC are Back!

After much speculation, Brian Johnson, Cliff Williams and Phil Rudd are back in AC/DC, and not only that, but they've just released a new track!

What We Can Learn from Eddie Van Halen's Greatness

Few musicians go on to have their name forever etched into our collective memory. Those that do earn the privilege through being orders of magnitude better than anyone else in their time, and for forging a new sound that would inspire entire genres and generations of musicians.

When Social Good Backfires: Oscar Wylee and Goodhart's Law

Oscar Wylee, the glasses retailer, was recently fined $3.5 million by Australia’s Federal Court for misleading consumers about the extent of its social giving. The brand had claimed to follow in the footsteps of footwear manufacturer (excuse the pun), Toms, and that it donated a pair of glasses to someone in need for every pair purchased between January 2014 and December 2018. However, during this period of time it sold 328,010 pairs of glasses but donated just 3,181, or, less than one percent. ‍This raises an important question about social good and corporate social responsibility (CSR) more broadly - something that has made headlines recently with both Spotify and Coinbase taking positions that have been unpopular with the far left.‍‍

10 Laws of Nature Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know

The internet is littered with techniques and hacks from successful and some not-so-successful entrepreneurs that are said to help increase your chances of entrepreneurial success.

Weekly NBA Wrap: 1 October 2020

After one of the most challenging seasons in NBA history, only two teams remain in the championship hunt. Congratulations to the Miami Heat and Los Angeles Lakers for making it through to the NBA finals and successfully navigating this interrupted NBA season. This is a mouth-watering series and we look forward to it hopefully going the distance! It doesn't look promising though after the Lakers destroyed the Heat in game one.Can the Heat turn it around? Here’s your Weekly NBA Wrap.

Coinbase’s Unpopular But Diligent Stand Against Social Activism

There was a time in the not too distant past when one simply didn’t talk about politics or religion in the office. But the pendulum has swung, and we live in a world where signalling your political allegiances is almost foundational to the recruitment and performance review process at many companies - especially in big tech. And as former Googler James Damore, and former Oculus co-founder Palmer Lucky found, signalling the ‘wrong’ political allegiances - eg. conservative ones - can get you fired.

How to Differentiate Your Business in a Saturated Market

Four questions that help to differentiate your business in a crowded marketplace.

Spotify's Censorship Moment: Joe Rogan, Podcasts and Politics

Spotify staff have threatened to go on strike if Spotify doesn't censor Joe Rogan. But company CEO, Daniel Ek, is standing firm by stopping short of creative meddling. Here's our take.

Exit Stage Left: How Rock 'n Roll Got Woke

Back in 1985, the Parents Music Resource Center (PMRC), led by Tipper Gore, tried to censor music deemed to have violent, drug-related or sexual themes. It resulted in the much-maligned Parental Advisory sticker, which today’s Spotify generation doesn’t need to worry about. Today, the same rebel rockers who stood up against the PMRC are pushing cancel culture politics.

“My First Night I Got Zero Laughs”: Dave Hughes Relives His Early Stand-up Career

Dave ‘Hughesy’ Hughes is one of the most well-known personalities in Australia. After making his name on the stand-up circuit, he has since ventured onto radio and TV, most recently on Australia's version of The Masked Singer. However, it hasn't all smooth sailing for Hughesy as he has faced his fair share of challenges to get to where he is today. Hughesy joined Andrew Gaze and Lanard Copeland on The Alley-Oop Show to share some of his stories.